Our expert Portland writing team is always hard at work, out in the field, scouting for the latest, greatest things to keep you busy, entertained and informed. Click through our album to find out what our amazing group of talented writers is most looking forward to with their own families for Halloween this year.

Maura O’Brien

Each Halloween, Maura O'Brien attempts to create a costume to top the one she’s most proud of—the year she dressed as Björk by transforming a tube sock and a mess of white feathers into something that resembled a swan dress. But this year, she’s more excited to see what this little trick-or-treater—her beloved nephew Jack—chooses to wear. Last year, he opted for the very same pumpkin costume that Maura wore for her first Halloween. This year? Judging from the fact that this adorable kid runs his own baseball drills for fun, she’s betting he’ll show up as the newest member of the San Francisco Giants.

What Halloween activities are on your must-do list? Let us know in the comments below!

—Suzie Ridgway

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