You’ve spent months researching what products you’ll need for a new baby, but what about you, mama? Bodily takes the guesswork out of managing childbirth recovery and your postpartum needs with smart, well-made products for new moms. Read on for functional and stylish solutions for all your birth recovery and breastfeeding needs.

What It Is

From comfortable bras and underwear to breastfeeding essentials to well-curated kits of post-childbirth must-haves, Bodily has your new-mom body covered. Bodily works with medical professionals and lactation consultants to choose effective postpartum products that help women as they recover from childbirth and pregnancy. Their extensive research has led to design-led products that support women during this life-changing time. 

Bodily bras are made for changing postpartum bodies. The nursing and pumping bras, like the Do Anything Bra (above), were designed with lactation consultants and mindful of research for optimal breast health to be both supportive and comfortable. Bodily’s bra collection has bras to wear from maternity to all stages of breastfeeding. Some of them even make awesome sleep bras!

Now let's talk panties. The All-in Panty (above) has a high waist for C-section mamas and is super soft, stretchy and supportive enough to change with your fluctuating body postpartum. And yes, Bodily also sells mesh undies that are a big step above hospital mesh panties.

For childbirth and the days following, the company sells a peri wash bottle, belly band, cozy socks and more. And for breastfeeding, you can get non-slip breast pads (low profile or full coverage), nipple balm, cooling gel pads, nipple shields, cute nursing tops and even a shirtdress. There's even a spicy turmeric latte, caffeine-free and loaded with antioxidants, that's available on its own as well as in the kits for when you need a decadent treat.

What's in the Kits

Each of the kits support different post-birth needs, so it's easy to find exactly the care you want.

Scheduled C-Section Birth Box ($145) includes a belly band and high-waisted underwear to support abdominal recovery, guidebooks on postpartum recovery, and childbirth recovery essentials: maxi pads, mesh undies and stool softener. It also contains breastfeeding items (breast pads, nipple shield and nipple balm), cozy socks and a packet of oatmeal.

Care for Birth Box ($105) includes grippy socks for the hospital and items for vaginal recovery, such as maxi pads, mesh undies and stool softener, a peri wash bottle and inflatable cushion to sit on. 

B-Kit ($90) is the ultimate breastfeeding starter kit, with a nursing bra, breast pads and nipple balm.

V-Kit ($95), for vaginal birth recovery, contains a sitz tub with tote bag, peri spray and sitz salts, maxi pads, undies, stool softener, and guidebooks for you and your partner or other supporter on postpartum recovery.

C-Kit ($90) is for C-section recoveries. It includes a belly band and high-waisted underwear to support abdominal recovery, guidebooks on postpartum recovery, and childbirth recovery essentials: maxi pads, mesh undies and stool softener.

Care for Miscarriage Box ($90) supports women with tools to memorialize the loss, nurture themselves, and process the experience. The kit contains two books, a superfood-rich beverage and remembrance bracelets.

Care for Stillbirth Box ($115) contains books, remembrance bracelets, and practical products to aid in the body's physical recovery after stillbirth. 

Why We Love It

We all see the Instagram photos of new moms smiling with perfect hair and makeup, but what did it take to get there? If you deliver in a hospital, you may be given some mesh undies and a squeeze bottle to take home, but nobody really spells out what postpartum physical changes and health issues to expect or how to deal with them (hello, bleeding and hemorrhoids). Bodily delivers all that and more.

In addition to postpartum essentials, the website has tons of research-led, evidence-based articles and timelines on what to expect from your fluctuating body and with breastfeeding. You get clear answers and products that actually work, so you can get back to what you want to be doing: caring for your baby. And for those who were pregnant but suffered a loss, the website now has a Pregnancy Loss Resource Hub, with research-backed information to support families in need.

Visit to shop and learn more.

—Eva Ingvarson Cerise

photos: All images courtesy of Bodily.


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