We Help Women Through Preconception, Pregnancy, Birth, Postpartum And Beyond So They Can Live Active, Confident, Healthy Lives Without The Need For Medications Or Surgery! We Are On A Mission To Change The Standard Of Care For Women! Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Helps Optimize Your Body For Birth And Postpartum Healing! Leaking When You Sneeze, Back Pain and Core Weakness Are Not Life Long Attributes Of Motherhood And Can Be Healed!

-from Dr. Allison Feldt, Body Motion Physical Therapy
320 Dayton St. Suite
Edmonds, WA 98020
Phone: 4255820727
Online: https://www.bodymotionpt.com/


Introducing the Washington Food & Farm Finder, a comprehensive, mobile-friendly searchable database connecting you with sustainable and organic farms, farmers markets, and food businesses around the state. Find local food in your community that’s been grown, caught, raised and made right here in Washington State.

With a simple search, you can connect to a cornucopia of local food options- farms, farmers markets, restaurants and grocers that source local, farm-stands, food access programs, CSAs, and more. Searchable by crop, location, growing practices- find what you need in your area within minutes. Visit eatlocalfirst.org today!


-from Eat Local First, Washington Food & Farm Finder
1701 Ellis St. Suite 221 Creekside Building
Bellingham, WA 98225
Online: https://eatlocalfirst.org/


MiaMax Jewelry is a family-owned business located on the Eastside. We offer simple, chic and meaningful bracelets that are designed to make you look and feel good. At home, in the office, at the gym or outside, our bracelets are made for active lifestyles. They come with a mirror-polished, shiny Sterling Silver charm and an adjustable textile cord that doesn’t tangle so that you can wear them comfortably all day.

MiaMax Jewelry is our first business venture and everyone in the family has an active role. Mia is our talented junior designer and Max helps with packaging. We figure out things, learn, make mistakes and grow together.

Our bracelets are more than just cute accessories. For us, they are a symbol of family, friendship, love and life and a boost of confidence – we hope they help you feel inspired and lifted too. Browse our store and find a treat for yourself or a gift for a friend!

-from Christina Stoklas, MiaMax Jewelry
Phone: 559-425-9101
Online: https://www.miamaxjewelry.com


Red Suit Holidays has been providing amazing holiday photo experiences since 1989.  For 2020 we are excited to add our complimentary AI retouch service to all our customers.

As we live in a very multicultural area of the country we are looking to expand our holiday offers to include additional multicultural experiences.  If you would think our multicultural friends would like AI-enhanced photos specifically created and set to your cultural standards please let us know. We’d love to hear more about your ideas around Diwali, Chinese New Year, Golden Week or any other holiday we aren’t thinking about.

We’d love to hear from you.

-from Paul, Red Suit Holidays
4055 Factoria Square Blvd
Bellevue, WA 98006
Online: https://www.redsuitholidays.com


Tired of stepping on all those little legos? Swoop Bags to the rescue! Swoop Bags are durable, modern, toy storage bags that make cleaning and organizing all those toys simple, fast and fun! Ideal for small toys like LEGO, toy cars, trains, blocks, stuffed animals and anything else you can “Swoop-up!” Swoop Bags come in a variety of colors and they are stylish enough to stash in any room of the house. Available in Large, Medium and Mini sizes. Made in USA – Seattle. 

-from Sarah Kirk, Swoop Bags
Online: http://www.swoopbags.com


We’re Juniper Music School, your place to grow your musical abilities, online and in-person.

​Based in Seattle, we are committed to creating a community for our students, families, and teachers.


We offer private lessons for violin, viola, and cello, in addition to music history and music theory classes!​


Our teachers work out of their own homes, and are located around Seattle: North Seattle, Queen Anne, and Capitol Hill! But right now, all lessons are online due to covid-19.


We are accepting new students, from age 5 to adult.

Learn more at junipermusicschool.com about our teachers, classes, and rates!

-from Kelly and Kimmy, Juniper Music School
Online: http://www.junipermusicschool.com


Mox Boarding House is a great way to grow closer as a family. With delicous food, fun games, and a wide variety of hobby supplies, Mox is a one stop shop for a fun night out! Our sales specialist work hard to pair your family with the right game, and help out with any questions you have. Our family section is full of games for every age and challenge level.

Board games are a great way to teach important lessons, such as working together (Orchard), understanding each other (Friends and Neighbors), and coordination (Feed the Woozle). You can also unlock thier creativity with role playing games, such as No Thank You Evil, or painting miniatures together. Whatever your tabletop passions are, we can help you introduce them to the whole family. Stop by today!

Mox Boarding House – Bellevue
13310 Bel-Red Road
Bellevue, WA 98005
Phone: 425-326-3050
Online: https://www.moxboardinghouse.com/bellevue/


For the past 10 years Maven Meals has been crafting prepared meals from scratch using the freshest, natural, high quality ingredients, delivered to local doorsteps! With a menu that changes weekly and offers gluten free, dairy free, vegan meals as well as great meat & seafood options, there’s something for every taste. There’s no minimum order & no subscription, so meals are there when you need them in the quantity you desire. Orders are due by Sunday evening  for delivery Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday depending on home zip code.

Maven’s service is super flexible, ultra tasty, healthy & innovative. Have a fab dinner on the table in minutes, no prep required!

-from Heidi Finley, Maven Meals
Phone: 206.557.7985
Online: https://mavenmeals.com/


Do your kids create lots of art? Overwhelmed? So what do parents do with it all?

Artimus Art, launched in 2008 turns kids artwork into an archival book showcasing years worth of artwork. Art is an important tool for self expression and by transforming it into a keepsake, you create an archive of your child’s creativity. Declutter your home while saving the meaningful pieces….the ones that bring you joy.

For a child, a book of their artwork offers a true sense of accomplishment that their masterpieces are published. They will be so excited to show off their own book to everyone with pride. It’s a confidence builder for kids and a great solution for parents #nomoreguilt. #Think Tidy!

  • A $30 deposit gets you started: Artimus Art  sends you an art collection box with return shipping label to make it easy.
  • We turn the artwork into a professional digital file and upload it to an online gallery.
  • Build your book in 5 easy steps and create a special dedication that includes a photo.
  • Add captions and design your own cover
  • All the art it turned into a gorgeous hard cover book

Visit us at artimusart.com

Dana Hostage, Founder

-from Dana Hostage, Artimus Art
Phone: 978-325-3800
Online: http://www.artimusart.com


“Stickerkid.com: The cutest and most resistant washable name labels.

Our vision
is a world in which kids no longer lose anything, but rather gain everything—including the right to a clean bill of health no matter whom they play with.

Our mission
is to serve fellow parents and caregivers worldwide as day-savers; saving kids from the accidental sharing of bacteria-spreading items and saving money by putting an end to lost clothing and possessions.

Our values are:
– High quality, matching your little ones on the scale of perfection. We make our own products ourselves, guaranteeing hundreds of possible combinations regarding colors, icons, and more. They’re functional enough to pass your test and fun enough to pass your kids’ test.

– Parental-grade customer service. We devote to you the same patience and care we devote to our children. Hence the benefit of being parent-run—our eyes, ears, and hearts are open to suggestions from you to keep StickerKid the ultimate day-saver.

– Dedication to our communities and important causes through our fundraising program, because we believe raising children to be outstanding adults, takes a village. As that metaphorical village, we have a responsibility to our own children, but also to yours.


-from Marius & Lulu, StickerKid.com
Phone: 305-901-1460
Online: stickerkid.com/usa_en