Scooping out pumpkin seeds just got way easier

Pumpkin carving season is here and for parents, that means a certain level of dread awaits. Sure, grabbing that adorable pumpkin patch photo is exhilarating, but then comes the inevitable mess and moldy porch pumpkins. But not anymore.

Babs, “the internet mom / grandma you didn’t know you needed,” is here to save the day. The Instagrammer just dropped a pumpkin carving hack video that not only makes as little mess as possible, but also avoids those tiny pumpkin carving knives that could barely pierce a piece of paper in the first place.

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The grandma shares the first hack which has moms everywhere applauding: sitting down to carve that big ole pumpkin. Hold the pumpkin on your lap, then cut off the bottom––not the top!

Next is a hack we’ve never heard of, and that’s to use your hand mixer to loosen all the stingy, gooey pumpkin innards that kids either love or hate. Then just use a spoon to scoop out the seeds, then roast into a delicious snack.

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carved pumpkins glow from within during Halloween, fall festivals

Don’t want to mess up your design? Use a red dry erase maker, then just wipe it off when your carving is complete. And speaking of carving, it’s a great time to invest in some pumpkin carving “cookie” cutters. Just take a rubber mallet and hammer the cutters through the pumpkin for a crisp design that doesn’t involve those miniature knives.

Babs also has a hack to keep your beautiful jack-o-lantern from drying out: smooth Vaseline on the open edges to keep it fresh for up to two weeks! Last but not least, don’t forget to sprinkle some cinnamon in the top of the pumpkin before turning it over a candle to display. Smells like Christmas!

@brunchwithbabs has over 1.4M followers and tons more videos. Don’t forget to check them out!

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