Pull out the paint, googly eyes, glitter, and push pins for your pumpkin decorating sessions this year

Spice up your usual pumpkin decorating ideas this Halloween by skipping the pumpkin carving design and the mess that comes with it. From glow-in-the-dark paint to glitter pumpkins, we’ve found a ton of festive ideas that are fun and full of Halloween spirit. Grab your art supplies for a spooky (but creative) good time, and when you’re done, be sure to get your Halloween games ready for the block party!

Tie-Dye Pumpkin Decorating Idea

Halloween pumpkins don’t have to be creepy. They can also be bright and cheery with these pastel tie-dye creations from @kailochic. Ok, so they aren’t tie-dyed, but you can get a similar-looking effect by using an alcohol ink marker, plastic wrap, and rubbing alcohol.

Wire Pumpkin Decorating Idea

Want to personalize your pumpkin without a lot of fuss? These pumpkins decorated with wire from @StephanieElledesigns are a unique design option, and you can even order custom calligraphy wire from Etsy.

Glitter Pumpkins

Five glittery pumpkins are decorated without carving
Tonia Dee via Handmade Charlotte

There are so many ways you can go with this pumpkin decorating idea, but we love the deep orange glitter spotted over at Handmade Charlotte. Take this sparkly idea home and make it your own.

Pop Art Pumpkin

Two spotted pumpkins as a pop art pumpkin decorating idea
Allison Murray via Dream a Little Bigger

How cool is this Roy Lichtenstein-inspired no-carve pumpkin idea from Dream a Little Bigger? Not only do we love how easy it is to pull this off, but we also love how many different directions you can go.

Glowing Sugar Skull

A glowing pink, blue and white skull pumpkin as a no-carve pumpkin decorating idea
Color Made Happy

Psst! For a pumpkin that steals the spotlight, all you need is glow-in-the-dark puffy paint for shiny creations like these from Color Made Happy. It's a simple way to add a whole lot of magic to your Halloween decorations.

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Happy Ghost

Three white pumpkins are dresses as little ghosts for a happy ghost no-carve pumpkin decorating idea
The Crafted Life

Who says ghosts have to be scary? These boo-tiful little no-carve pumpkins from The Crafted Life are cheerful and a cinch to make. Plus, they're guaranteed to make you smile!

Office Supply Pumpkin Decorating Idea

A Subtle Revelry

Got office supplies? Then you've got all the fixings for this creative, no-carve pumpkin decorating idea! This gold-studded beauty from A Subtle Revelry is decked out with gold brads—too easy!

Thumbprint Pumpkins

Homemade Charlotte

How neat is this fingerprint art pumpkin decorating idea from Homemade Charlotte? With the help of your kiddos' thumbprints, you can decorate a pumpkin with little cacti, pineapples, and more.

Forest Friends

Simple as That

Transform your pumpkins into friendly woodland animals like these adorable creations from Simple as That. With a little paint and some strategically placed felt and card stock, these will be Halloween-ready in no time. 

Emoji Pumpkin


Take inspiration from Cutefetti to turn your favorite emoji into an outrageously fun pumpkin. Whether you’re into heart eyes or a shocked face, you and your little ones can make this pumpkin decorating idea happen with a little creativity. 

Colorful Pumpkin

A vibrantly-colored pumpkin sits on a white pedestal
Fresh American Style

For this vibrant pumpkin, Annie Selke of Fresh American Style was inspired by the Día de Los Muertos celebration. You can use acrylic paint and tissue paper to make your own.

Copper Tops

Two white pumpkins, one decorated with copper herringbone
Lovely Indeed

These charming copper herringbone pumpkins from Lovely Indeed are sophisticated enough for a shop window but easy enough for a family project. Win-win! 

Unicorn Pumpkin

A pink pumpkin is decorated like a unicorn
Lines Across

If you've got a unicorn fan in your house, this is the pumpkin pal for you. It's not as difficult as you might think, mostly because the step-by-step instructions from Lines Across make it simple to follow. 

Donut Pumpkins

Three pumpkins are decorated like donuts
Studio DIY

We don't know what we love more: how easy these little gourds are to re-create or how incredibly adorable they look sitting on a desk, doorstep, or table. These donut pumpkins from Studio DIY make great autumn baby shower or birthday party decor, too. 

Watercolor Pumpkin Decorating Idea

Paper & Stitch

What do you get when you mix watercolors with pumpkins? Surprisingly beautiful results! If you don't mind a little clean-up, this pumpkin decorating idea from Paper & Stitch is a great way for kids to express their messy artist selves with stunning results. 

Disco Ball Pumpkin

Sugar and Cloth

The amazing mavens at Sugar and Cloth created these sequined pumpkins with just the right amount of glitz. The best part? The kids can help (as long as you don't mind a few sequins on the carpet). 

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Dazzling Decoupage

Two white pumpkins are decorate in colorful découpage
Gold Standard Workshop

These pretty little decoupage pumpkins from Gold Standard Workshop are such showstoppers, that you'll want to keep them out all year round. They could make great centerpieces or a beautiful surprise for your kiddo's classroom! 

Flower Pumpkins

Three white pumpkins are decorated with colorful flower petals
Alice and Lois

These sweet flower-decoupaged pumpkins from Alice and Lois are festive and floral—and you can even add fall leaves for an extra autumn-y flourish. No one else will have such pretty, unique (and shhh, simple to make!) fall decorations. 

Cacti Pumpkins

Four green pumpkins are decorated to look like cacti
Aww, Sam

We’re pretty sure it’s impossible to feel prickly once you take a peek at these cactus pumpkins from Aww, Sam. They're perfect for those who are over the usual orange pumpkins, and they're a creative addition to your stoop, too.

Confetti Pumpkin

Who couldn’t use more confetti in their life? We can’t get enough of these confetti pumpkins from Cloudy Day Gray. They’re fun, festive, and easy to pull off—not to mention, a great way to spice up plain ol’ white pumpkins.


A pumpkin is decorated to look like Pikachu
In the Playroom

Whether your kids are big-time Pokemon Go fans or you’re feeling some '90s nostalgia, you’re going to want to check out this Pikachu pumpkin from In the Playroom. The best part is that this friendly pumpkin doesn’t require any special artistic talents.

Ice Cream Scoop Pumpkin

Mini pumpkins are decorated to look like ice cream cones
Sugar and Charm

I scream, you scream, we all scream for… ice cream cone pumpkins, courtesy of Sugar and Charm. We love how this super sweet idea can be customized to represent your little one’s fave ice cream flavor! 

Animal Pumpkins

Three pumpkins are decorated to look like animals
Studio DIY

These party animal pumpkins from Studio DIY are equal parts cute and creative. From a flamingo pumpkin to an elephant pal, they’ll turn your porch into a true zoo.

Mummy Pumpkin

This mummy pumpkin from Changing My Destiny is probably the friendliest little monster you’ll ever see (Because, c’mon—who can resist those peek-a-boo googly eyes?).

Googly Eyes Pumpkin

Find It, Make It, Love It

This fun googly eye pumpkin from Find It, Make It, Love It gets bonus points for being a real eyeful. Snag the googly eyes at your local Dollar Store, then grab your glue gun and get going! 

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Colorful Painted Pumpkin

A pumpkin is colorfully decorated through dripping paint on it
A Girl Named PJ

Need to get your pumpkin decorated ASAP? Then you need to check out this awesome paint drip pumpkin from A Girl Named PJ. Not only will it be a messy hit with your creative kid, but it's also a great last-minute idea!


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