While finally getting to snuggle your baby may be gift enough, many new moms revel in getting a push present too! These gifts don’t just mark the special day but also recognize the hard emotional and physical work involved in birthing a baby. Read on to discover some inspo for great push presents.

Baby Jogger

A Splurge
Is there something the new mom really wanted but didn't get at her baby shower? Now is the time to give her that coveted item. Strollers and diaper bags are great choices you can use right away. A Baby Jogger City Select 2 is a sought-after stroller because of its versatility, including the ability to grow with a family to two and even three children. And the new mom will probably be using her diaper bag for at least a couple of years, so it makes sense to start off with one that she loves and that will last. Check out our guide to stylish and functional diaper bags.

Names for Good

Personalized jewelry is among the most popular push presents for good reason. Necklaces from Nokona can be personalized with birthstones and initials. Necklaces from Tiny Tags can be personalized with names, birthdates, birthstones and more. Other moms opt for a necklace with their child's birth flower like these from Glazd Jewels or an ode to their child's name, such as an arrow necklace for a baby named Hunter. Or, a bracelet from Names for Good (above) with the baby's name makes a great push present. Even better, get a set including the baby's birthdate and a Mama bracelet! 

Bliss Out
Growing and birthing a baby is hard work! Give mama everything she needs to relax with a Purelis Lavender Spa gift basket and DW Home Lavender Chamomile candle.Then tell the new mom you will take care of the baby so she can enjoy her gift! 


Forbidden Foods
It's no surprise moms are hungry after spending hours working to bring a new life into the world. Add in that mom may have spent the last nine months avoiding her favorite foods, like soft cheeses, sushi and anything with caffeine, and it becomes clear that a feast of her favorites makes a great push present. Send a box of Wisconsin Cheese full of delicacies she couldn't have while pregnant. Luxe tea from Tea Runners is also a good choice, especially if you choose a flavor that will give her a caffeine boost to help her function after late nights with a newborn. If she's still avoiding alcohol, toast to a job well done with Mingle mocktails so the new Mom can celebrate her new baby without thinking about whether it's safe to take a drink.

Make Her Life Easier
A pair of upscale wireless earbuds like these from Sony are a worthy splurge. No wires for baby to pull on, and extreme noise cancellation works to block out distractions whenever the new mom manages to get some alone time. Add on a BioLite Charge back-up battery so that even when mom is too tired to plug in her phone she can keep scrolling. Or, go low-tech and get her a Yeti tumbler that will help keep her well hydrated throughout the day. New moms also spend a lot of time holding their newborn with one hand. A Kindle Paperwhite will allow mom to read during all of those hours she is blissfully trapped under her baby. Adjustable warm light and dark mode mean that she can flip pages without disturbing her little one's nap. If mom prefers to watch TV, a new 4K Alexa-enabled Firestick is a great choice. Mom just needs to ask Alexa to turn on her favorite show or she can use the Alexa built into the included remote. 

Cozy Comfort
After having a new baby, day can become indistinguishable from night. A Bearaby knitted weighted blanket is the perfect gift for new moms to make the most of the time they have to sleep. These blankets are incredibly soft and just heavy enough to provide enough weight to help people get to sleep faster and sleep more deeply. They even come in luxe fabrics like velvet. Or, try a Verve Culture Moroccan blanket that's big enough (and soft enough) for the entire family to snuggle under. Since new moms spend a lot of time at home, a pair of Dooey's house loafers keep her comfy at home without looking frumpy.


Mommy & Me Outfits
Let her revel in her new role with matching mommy-and-me clothes. A KYTEbaby lounge dress is comfy enough to sleep in whenever mom is lucky enough to get some Zzz's but cute enough to wear out for a quick errand or walk around the block. Get a matching romper for baby for impromptu, Insta-worthy photoshoots.  

Help Her Glow
Level up her skincare and beauty game by splurging on skincare products made with truffles. Truffoire luxe skincare will make her feel like she has had a trip to the spa, even when she hasn't left the house in days. Or, give her a way to quickly look her best when company arrives with lip tints from Eleve Cosmetics. Tired eyes? Give her the gift of looking not as exhausted as she feels with Holos, a serum made with soothing aloe vera and cucumber. Add an Oura Hydroglove so she can quickly exfoliate and go! 

Get It Together
A new baby comes with a lot of responsibility. Mom now needs to juggle feedings, diaper changes and somehow fit in sleep, showers and meals. A Skylight Calendar helps keep a new mom organized. She will love being able to integrate the family calendar, color-code tasks, access her shopping list and even display photos of her new bundle of joy.  A Fitbit watch tracks both sleep and steps. Best of all, she can read her texts and and answer calls right from her wrist on some Fitbit models, meaning she can continue to stay in touch without putting down her newborn.

—Jamie Davis Smith

featured image: iStock


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