16 Simple Crowd-Pleasing Chicken Recipes

We’ll be the first to admit that we love chicken. Why? You can’t beat its versatility. Fried, poached, roasted, broiled, baked, slow-cooked—you name it, we’ve tried it. Here are 11 of our favorite kid-friendly chicken recipes, which will make this week’s meal plan a cinch.

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1. Perfect Roast Chicken
If you’re anything like us, trying to perfect the roast chicken has been one long struggle. Not only do you need the ideal amount of flavor but it’s hard to gauge how long to leave the chicken in the oven. Well, thanks to this amazing recipe, our struggles are now over. Say hello to the perfect roast chicken.

2. Chicken Satay with Peanut Dipping Sauce
If you’ve got picky eaters at your table, a good way to get them to eat is to let them dip their foods in fun sauces. Here’s a great, easy chicken meal. Simply put the chicken on a skewer and dip away!

3. Slow Cooker Chicken Stew
With the winter weather approaching, there’s nothing like a hearty stew to warm us up. This recipe features chicken, potatoes and veggies, which are always a crowd-pleaser. The best part? It uses the most parent-friendly kitchen appliance of all: the slow cooker.

4. Mustard & Maple Syrup Glazed Chicken
This recipe is a favorite of Red Tricycle’s managing editor. Why? It only requires four ingredients (well, five if you count vegetable oil). Part sweet, part spicy (if you don’t like spicce merely use less mustard), this chicken is sure to wow your fam.

5. Thai Basil Chicken
Take a stab at making your own Thai Basil Chicken with this kid-friendly recipe courtesy of Seattle mama and Red Tricycle contributor, Pat.

6. Slow Cooker Chicken Verde
Did someone say slow cooker? There’s nothing like the feeling of whipping up a great meal with the handy crock pot. Throw all of your ingredients in the pot and voila — you have a fantastic piping hot Chicken Verde dinner.

7. Greek Stuffed Chicken
Stuffing is a great way to dress up chicken. Here a normal ol’ chicken breast is stuffed with fresh and flavorful ingredients. Your kids will love digging into these treasures of goodness.

8. Teriyaki Chicken Wings
Chicken wings are the perfect size for little fingers. This recipe is a favorite of our Managing Editor, mainly because the wings are oh-so-easy to make in a cinch, and the wings are coated in scrumptious homemade teriyaki sauce. Just remember that your fingers will be quite sticky when eating these so you’ll want to line up some wet paper towels in advance.

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9. BBQ Chicken with Green Beans
Nothing screams summer more than BBQ. Boneless skinless chicken breast will make this dish amazing and you can either use store bought BBQ sauce or if you’re feeling adventurous, make your own. Serve with a side of green beans to make up the nutritional value of this dish.

10. Curry Fried Chicken
Spice up your fried chicken recipe with some curry flavor. Serve this recipe hot at dinner or cold for a picnic. Your kids will love it.

11. Black Bean Chicken Quesadilla
Chicken is broiled and paired with pureed black beans and a simple salsa made from tomatoes, onion, cilantro and lime juice. Yum!

12. Quick Marmalade Chicken
Marmalade adds a bit of sweet flavor to this chicken recipe, which is ideal for those kiddos who don’t like to eat their meat. The best part? This meal can be made in 30 minutes or less!

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13. Chicken Parmesan Goes Light
Chicken Parm is one of those dishes that everyone loves, but nobody truly wants to eat too frequently because of its unhealthy reputation. Here Chicken Parmesan goes light with a healthier take on this age-old favorite.

14. Chicken With Creamy Mustard Sauce
Creamy mustard sauce adds extra flavor to this healthy recipe. It’s fast, easy and delicious — what more could you want?

15. Crock Pot Tuscan Chicken
With a few simple steps (you can open a can, right?) this meal will be ready to go by the time you get home. Serve it with pasta, rice and veggies for a complete meal. Oh, and did we mention that this kid-approved recipe only requires five ingredients?

16. Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup
Can’t you just smell this one through the screen? This soup is comfort food to the max and so easy you won’t resort to canned again.

—Kate Loweth



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