Real Mom Product Review: Cleanwell

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Cleanwell, an all natural hand wash, uses thyme oil to kill harmful germs and bacterias without upsetting the natural balance of the eco-system. Retail price for 3 bottles of Cleanwell Hand Sanitizer is $8.99. Check out Cleanwell’s website for more details. In this product review our volunteer reviewers Lilly and Elena compared Cleanwell Spray hand sanitizer with a generic hand sanitizer.

1. Are you familiar with Cleanwell and do you currently purchase it?  Now that you’ve tried Cleanwell would you recommend it to a friend?

Elena: No, I’ve never tried it before, but after this sample I’ve suggested it to several friends.

Lily: No.  Maybe as a natural alternative.

2. How do you like the CW experience versus the gel experience?

Elena: Cleanwell is much nicer as an experience. You don’t get the slimy feeling of the gel, or the alcohol stink. The scent is so nice on your hands, and you can immediately pick up something to eat without worrying that the alcohol taste will be there.

Lily: CleanWell is very different.  Great that so many sprays fit into a bottle, although I had to be careful not to let the mist fall outside of my palms.  It also took quite a few squirts to cover the hands so I don’t know if the usage count is very accurate.  I like that it didn’t dry my hands and instead moisturized them, though at times my hands felt a little sticky after using it.  I also found the scent to be too strong.  Even after washing my hands with soap and water, the fragrance lingered and did not smell natural.

3. How did little ones feel about using Cleanwell?

Elena: My daughter liked it a lot, especially the way it smelled. I even considered using it as “Monster Spray” in her room at bedtime.

Lily: She didn’t seem to notice.

4. When do you think you’d be likely to use it – diapers, naptime, feeding time, the gym,  etc?

Elena: I took it camping, used it at the park, on picnics, and when I had a cold we used it like crazy around the house (my daughter did *not* catch the cold from me, which shows the effectiveness). It really is ideal for just before you eat, so for snacks at the park or picnics would be perfect.

Lily: Diaper changing when out and about without access to a restroom nearby.

5. How did the spray bottle work out for you on-the-go (in your diaper bag, gym bag, purse, etc.)

Elena: It worked very well, although it takes several sprays to get enough to really cover your hands with it. The bottle is a very convenient size to just toss in a bag or even into your pocket.

Lily: Very convenient and portable.  Fits in our small diaper changing station.