These Are the Top Easter Candy Picks for 2021

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What is in your child’s Easter basket this year? If you’re wondering whether your kiddo’s faves are top choices in other fams, RetailMeNot has answers!

RetailMeNot recently released the 2021 data on America’s favorite Easter candy. While you might think the beloved day-glo, sugar crystal-coated marshmallow magic of Peeps is the top pick, this Easter icon doesn’t take the number one spot.

photo: Foodie Factor via Pexels 

The most popular Easter treat, according to RetailMeNot’s survey, is Reese’s Mini Peanut Butter Eggs—with a whopping 26 percent of respondents choosing this salty-sweet combo. Second place went to jelly beans (24 percent). This classic candy was followed by Cadbury Eggs (20 percent), chocolate bunnies (16 percent) and finally Peeps (14 percent).

Along with the top candy choices, RetailMeNot also released data on how much shoppers plan to spend on their Easter hauls. Seventy-seven percent of Easter candy shoppers are keeping the sweets at $50 and under, while 12 percent say they’ll spend between $50 and $100!

—Erica Loop



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