Hershey’s Superhero Pack Is Available at Sam’s Club

Hershey’s Superhero Pack
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Have no fear, the Hershey’s Superhero Pack is here! This new exclusive candy pack is perfect for Halloween (or snacking anytime.) This scary-good pack includes 36 full-sized Hershey’s Superhero Bars, Kit Kat Bars and the new Reese’s Franken-Cups. 

The Hershey’s Superhero bars are full-sized milk chocolate bars, labeled with the heroes you know and love on the wrapper. They have superhero phrases imprinted on the milk chocolate. The Halloween themed Kit Kat Bars have bats on their wrappers. The new Reese’s Franken-Cups with Frankenstein-green bottoms add an extra spooky twist to this candy pack. 

Find the Hershey’s Superhero Packs at Sam’s Club now for $24.98.

—Jennifer Swartvagher

Featured photo: Sam’s Club


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