Play Like a Local: The Coolest Bay Area Toy Companies

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The Bay Area isn’t just home to innovation in tech, it’s also one of the nation’s leaders in independent toys. From Kickstarter darlings to organic baby toys, cooperative games to old-school puppets, the Bay Area is producing some of the highest quality educational toys around. Many of them are prototyped and tested with local kids and are grounded firmly in the social and environmental values that the Bay Area is known for. So when it’s time to check off that holiday shopping list, check out some of these hometown favorites! Click through to see them all.

Toys So Pretty You Won’t Want to Put them Away: Petit Collage

<span style="font-weight:400;">Design-focused toy and decor company Petit Collage was born in the San Francisco home of founder Lorena Siminovich and is now fueled by local coffee in their Mission offices. The company has a self-professed “big crush” on the Bay Area and it shows; you could fill an entire nursery with their adorable California and San Francisco-based designs. </span> <strong>Our pick? Grab their <a target="_blank" href="">Pop-out and Play San Francisco</a> set and let your kid’s imagination run wild. </strong>fuck

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–Margaret Swink

All images courtesy of the companies