Give Them a Horse (or 40) for Christmas: Cavalia’s Odysseo

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If you have a little horse or pony lover in your family, we have a gift idea that is just as magical as getting them their own mare—but far less messy. Odysseo by Cavalia is in town until January 10, and this exquisite show will transport the whole family into a horse wonderland for the night. Starring aerialists, dancers, singers, musicians and 44 stunning horses, Odysseo will amaze crowds of all ages.


A Beguiling Big Top
You may have seen the castle-like all-white big top that rose in the large parking lot behind AT&T Park. And while spending a chilly night inside a tent may not sound luxurious, this is no ordinary tent. More like pop-up mansion, this enclosure has it all, from art, to dining facilities to stables to a theater that seats 2,000. And plenty of heaters, of course. The big top spans over 47,000 square feet, and reaches 125 feet into the sky. To truly experience all the big top has to offer, tack the VIP experience onto your ticket. You will be invited into the VIP Rendezvous tent up 90 minutes before showtime and enjoy a lavish dinner buffet, unlimited beverages (beer and wine included) and even freshly popped popcorn to enjoy during the show. Best of all, you have access to the tent the entire evening, so you can refresh your drink, re-up on popcorn, grab dessert at intermission or take advantage of the private restrooms. VIP ticket holders are also invited to take a stable tour and meet the stars after the show.


A Show-Stopping Set Up
Three massive movie screens help to create the magical worlds during each show. Throughout the performance, the audience is transported to the savannas of Africa, the American Southwest, the Northern Lights, an ice cave, an exquisite carousel, and even Easter Island. 19 projectors and more than 200 moving lights enhance the stage sets, which include 6,000 tons of dirt and stone and a 53,000 gallon lake. But it’s the immensely talented performers who really make the show, from acrobats to horseback riders to musicians, to the horses themselves. All music is performed live, and the high energy performances will leave audiences captivated. Horse aficionados will marvel at the skills demonstrated by the four-legged member of the cast, while everyone will be wowed by the jumping, flipping singing and spinning of everyone else.


Fun for Families
This is a show appropriate for almost all ages. The loud, high-energy show is forgiving of chatty toddlers, and the lights, music and visuals will keep even the squirmiest kid captivated throughout the entire show. There are kid-friendly showtimes almost week (matinees at 1:30, 2 or 4 pm) and for older kids with later bedtimes, the 8 p.m. show is a great option. Ticket prices are $10-20 cheaper for kids aged 2-12. The stories are told through song and dance, so even subject matter such as war is told so subtly that there’s nothing to upset even the most sensitive child (and the overall message of the performance is one of peace, harmony and the greatest respect for animals).

Odysseo by Cavalia
Through Jan 10
AT&T Park
1051 Third St.
San Francisco, CA

Have you experienced Odysseo? What was your family’s favorite part of the show? 

–Erin Feher