Commercials that Make You Cry

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Believe it or not, there was a time when we could cruise through Hallmark and ASPCA commercials without shedding a tear. Back when were young and cool. It’s not that we didn’t care, we were just much tougher (heck, we could party all night and still run a 10 K the next day).

Then we had a baby and our emotional barometer completely exploded. Energizer bunny and Budweiser commercials set off the waterworks (oh, to have those abs again!).
Even this IKEA commercial made us cry (it’s a LAMP for pete’s sake!) The latest commercial to make us well up in tears is this Johnson & Johnson vignette of a mother bathing her adorable chubby little boy. We couldn’t watch it without a box of tissues.

OMG- How cute is that kid? Does it make you want another baby?  Being a mother does change everything – we’re now a complete blubbering mess.  Do you cry more now that you’re a parent? What are your triggers? Songs, videos, TV shows or commercials?