Daddy&Me Photo Contest Finalist #14

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Drum roll please… Here are the finalists of the Daddy & Me Photo contest! Warning: These pictures will crack you up and will warm your heart. Now it’s time to vote for your favorite submission!

Send an email to with city name along with the finalist’s number. Example: “San Francisco 18″. The picture with the most votes wins!

Finalist #14

I love this photo of my oldest son, Alex, and my husband, Matt. we had a game focused around the country “Eccentricstan”.  The 4th-6th graders had to wear tons of funky, fun clothes  and we tried to drive home the point that no matter our eccentricities, we are valued, loved and important.  This was the get up that the boys came up with that night to participate.  So grateful to be married to a man who can let loose and be crazy with the kids! Christine Gough

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