What’s the Most Over-The-Top Kids Party That You’ve Attended?

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Last year the mommy blogs lit-up with Beverly Hill’s Housewife Taylor Armstrong’s $60k birthday party for her FOUR YEAR OLD. But somehow we shook out heads and could write that off as a zip code-related extravagance.

But then a family in Salt Lake City surfaced who spent $32k on a Princess Party for their six-year-old (featured on TLC’s “Outrageous Kids Parties’) and all bets were off.

Here we are in one of the most affluent communities in the US, where parents routinely drop $20k per year on Pre-K and pay $5k annually for an on-call pediatrician. What are they spending on their kids birthday parties?

This is an informal survey and we’re asking you to dish – what’s the most over-the-top kids party you’ve attended? Fancy cake or invitations, Uber-Etsy-style decor? Any guesses on how much it cost? Give us the scoop!

PS- Sit tight, we’ll do a post on budget birthday parties next week.