Flatten Me’s Personalized B-day Books and Cards

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Heroes on Hardcover  

On your child’s birthday, he or she is the star for the day. Whether your theme involves knights and castles, pirates and dragons, or bugs and animals, one way to start the fun is with personalized invitations that highlight both the celebrant and the “kingdom.”
Flatten Me creates invitations starring none other than your b-day star, digitally set in underwater world, fast-moving train, forest, or sea. All it takes is a picture, and artists on the team will handcraft the rest. As a special gift to go with the occasion, you can also order a personalized storybook that displays your child’s picture on almost every spread, with his or her name featured throughout the plot.
Kids love a good story, but how often do they find themselves as the hero in the hardcover? Flatten Me was developed by a Bay Area mom of four to encourage imagination and inspire families with gifts that come from the heart. Choose one of several pre-written stories for kids 2-8 years old that take your hero under the sea or into the forest. If your child loves to write, a Flatten Me journal is another way to go during present time. For $20, they’ll get a personalized cover that will inspire them to fill the blank pages with stories of their own.

—Renee Rutledge