Say Happy Birthday With a Cool Growth Chart

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Happy Growth Days!  heirloomgrowth

Every millimeter a child grows is a milestone—thus, the tradition of marking up our walls with pencil marks. But pencil marks fade and smudge, and tape just falls off. Another option to measure just how high the tops of those heads reach? Themed posters with inch marks on them. The perfect gift for your child or any other whose birthday you celebrate is the practical, more personal solution to charting growth spurts. Here are a few ideas:

The Picture Me Growth Chart is made of durable clear plastic, and the design is simple: measuring kids up to five feet tall, Picture Me Growth Chart by Kikkerland has 20 built-in sleeves for pictures that embody every stage and every height, from one birthday to the next. (Measurement marks are located beside the photo sleeves.) Several online retailers carry the Picture Me Growth Chart, and SF MOMA carries the product for an affordable $10.

Miss Natalie of Austin, Texas recently debuted her Tall Tales Heirloom Growth Chart in San Francisco at this year’s Renegade Craft Fair.This handmade growth chart is made for keeps. Four feet of jute ribbon come packaged in a wooden box, with twenty red and manila tags to safety pin on with your child’s name, age, and date of measurement. You can order the $56 item online at Miss Natalie’s Etsy site.

Decorative Labels, property of a San Jose mom, also offers handmade, personalized growth charts for small and big kids alike. These nursery-friendly growth charts are also appropriate for kids’ rooms, made from mountable wood plates or cutouts, with parents deciding on theme, color, and embellishment. Have your child’s name carved on wooden blocks for $30.

—Renee M. Rutledge