Clowns and Magicians and Princesses, Oh My!

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Remember the days when birthday parties were all about the clowns and magicians and other birthday party performers? Okay, maybe that was in the 80s, but whatever. It’s time to bring back the birthday party performer fun and we’re happy to lead the way with these very talented choices for kid’s birthday parties in Seattle. Most of these performers will happily customize their performance to whatever your child’s current obsession may be. And no scary, nightmare-inducing clowns here, we promise!

Bring in the Clowns!
Ever wonder how many clowns can fit in a minivan? Hmm. Let’s not try to find out. Clown Buggie Entertainment is a Seattle favorite for kid’s birthday parties and their clowns comes with all of the clown bells and whistles – the floppy shoes, the huge grins (not creepy ones!), the pockets stuffed full of balloons for making animals and child-like hearts that are sure to create birthday party fun for your own kiddo. Glitterbug and Beep Beep (those are the clowns, of course), make your child feel like they are the star of the performance and their party, not the other way around. Beware…things are about to get very silly at this birthday party! Find Clown Buggie Entertainment online for more information about their clown services and more.

Pretty Pretty Princesses
Put in some earplugs. Trust us. Because when your child’s favorite princess walks in the door for her birthday party, there’s going to be screaming…and lots of it. The princesses at TLC Parties! are extremely authentic, with various options available to make sure your child’s dream princess is at her party. But, having a princess at her birthday party isn’t just for eye-candy – the entertainers from TLC Parties literally do keep the kids entertained for up to 90-minutes, depending on the package you choose. They will dance, sing, lead games, paint faces, do magic and puppet shows and engage the kids in princess-themed fun, all while you sit back and enjoy the delight on your child’s face. Visit the TLC Parties! website for detailed information on how to book a princess. Other performers are also available, including pirates, fairies and hula dancers.

Superheros to the Birthday Party Rescue!
What’s that in the sky? It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…the entertainer that will make your child’s birthday party a hit! We can’t guarantee that the “superhero” will actually arrive at the party via their cape, but your kiddo probably won’t care how they arrive once the party gets started. Live Wires is one of Seattle’s largest entertainment companies, where they will happily help you create the perfect superhero performance for your child’s party. The Batman- Spiderman combo is a popular option for the superhero obsessed… but don’t try to break these guys from character! They are dedicated to their craft, as any superhero would be. Find Live Wires online to browse through their extensive collection of performer options.

Where Pulling a Rabbit Out of a Top Hat Never Goes Out of Style
A dad to young children himself, magician Evan Reynolds, understands what it takes to keep kids engaged and make them laugh and he does it with ease!  Evan has spent his life learning to perform magic – his own father was a performing magician and his love for magic and exposing it to children is evident it his show. Each birthday party performance with Evan is customized to your child’s age and party crowd…and a special Star Wars-themed performance is additionally available for your Luke Skywalker obsessed kiddo. The birthday kid is involved throughout the show (if they’d like to be!) and they even get to levitate at the end! For more information and to contact Evan Reynolds, visit his website at

— Katie Kavulla

Photos via the Evan Reynolds Magician Facebook page, the TLC Parties! Facebook page