A constant kid classic, burgers never get old. And with new spots popping up all over, we decided to scout the Eastside for the best places to sink your teeth into an all beef patty or two! From the All-American burger to hot and spicy burgers to the XXXL burger, you and your crew are sure to fulfill that hamburger craving we all know so well. Click through the gallery to discover all the amazing hamburgers the Eastside has to offer.


Take a step back in time and show your little nuggets what it was like in the “old days.” For more than 60 years, Burgermaster has been taking drive-in orders at their Bellevue restaurant (they also have locations in Seattle, Mill Creek and Everett). The servers may not roller skate to your car, but they still do the whole roll-your-window-down-half-way thing and rest your meal on a tray outside your car. A perk kids of all ages think is awesome! Psst... once parked, let the Littles unbuckle their seat-belts and sit in the way back. Bonus points if you've got a sweet minivan or SUV. And double bonus, if the mess stays back there.

What to order: Kids will love the burgers, hot dogs, chicken strips and grilled cheese, plus the candy treat that comes with the kids’ meals. Grownups will love the burgers, BLTs, grilled cheese sandwiches and wraps. And for dessert, everyone will love the pies, sundaes, milkshakes and cookies. Three cheers for old time goodness right in your car!

10606 Northup Way
Bellevue, Wa 98004
Online: burgermaster.biz

photo: Brian Dubois

Did we miss your family’s favorite go-to burger joint on the Eastside? Tell us about it in the Comments below!

— Jennifer B. Davis & Brian Dubois

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