Summer may almost be over, but don’t let that stop you from planning a nearby glamping vacation with the kids. It’s easy when you Getaway, and even easier now that families can make a reservation at Getaway Skagit Valley, opening this fall. Located just one hour north of the city in Mount Vernon, Getaway’s newest spot will give families the chance to unplug and recharge at a tiny cabin in the woods. Here’s what you need to know to make your family plan!

The Ultimate Un-camping Experience

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If it’s possible for a vacation destination to have an ethos, Getaway has one. It takes everything families love about camping—being outside, spending time together and cooking over a campfire—and combines it with a philosophy of rest, relaxation and rejuvenation that allows you to get away (see what they did there?) from it all. We think you and the kids will settle into your peaceful forest retreat in no time thanks to Getaway's philosophy and design.

Your Tiny Cabin in the Woods

Allison Sutcliffe

While Outposts have a number of campsites, they’re spaced so each one feels like its own nature refuge, and the “all hours are quiet hours” request helps set the peaceful mood. Keeping cell phones in the cell phone lock box frees you up for low-tech activities you’re always trying to do more of anyway, like reading, journaling and playing games with the kids. Plus, there’s something comforting about the cabin names (Morris, Mildred and Estelle to name a few); they're named after grandparents of staff and guests.

How to Stay at Your Getaway

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If low-key is the vacation vibe you’re striving for, there’s no better place to do it than at a Getaway cabin. Each one is designed with staying put in mind. It starts with the cabin’s inviting picture window that practically begs guests to curl up with a good book and ends at the Adirondack chairs surrounding the fire pit right outside your door. Everything families need to relax is within reach, right down to the deck of cards, retro radio (and suggested local stations) and books that encourage mindfulness and simplicity found in each cabin (psst…How to Get Away, written by Getaway founders Jon Staff and Pete Davis, is one). And if the kids need to stretch their legs, a quiet stroll around the grounds or along an on-site walking trail is a welcome change of scenery. Make the most of this peaceful place by packing books, games, journals or a point and print camera to truly experience Getaway as it’s intended.

Get Out & Explore Washington

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The Seattle Outpost
While it’s easy to unplug at the cabin, exploring local wonders is easy too. And with two Getaway Outposts in Washington, Seattle families have choices.

The soon-to-open Skagit Valley Getaway in Mount Vernon is an unbelievably easy vacay option, especially for families. Set on 69 acres, families can book one of 9 cabins that sleep 3-4 (or plan a parents-only getaway at one of the two-person cabins).

Clocking in at around an hour north of the city, families will find so many places to explore once they get there. Not only is it situated near apple picking, pumpkin patches and the colorful Tulip Festival farms (blooming in April), but it's an easy hopping off point to explore Deception Pass. Be sure to put local hot spots like Little Mountain Park, Edgewater Park and the Children's Museum of Skagit Valley on your list of places to visit when you venture beyond the comforts of the cabin.

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The Portland Outpost
The Mount Adams Getaway is located in Glenwood, Washington, and while it's about two hours outside of Portland, it's a sold four hours from the Emerald City. But don't let the drive discourage you from making the trek. It's well worth it. From this Outpost, families can embark on exciting adventures like exploring the Guler Ice Caves, hiking Conboy Lake or tackling the rapids of the White Salmon River (kids 6 & up can ride). All of these adventures are just a short drive (15-40 minutes) from your home base, and are only a sampling of the many you'll find in the area. No matter where you’re staying, the folks at Getaway have curated a list of nearby spots that are worth a look.

Travel in All Seasons


Unlike traditional camping, Getaway is an any-time-of-year destination. Each cabin comes with heat and A/C so families can hunker down and stay warm, even on Washington's rainiest days, or stay cool on a warmer-than-usual summer night. No need to rely on a cross wind to cool off your tent here. Plus the kitchenette means you can make meals when campfire cooking isn’t in the cards, thanks to the weather, and roast s’mores when it is.

The Comforts of Home

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Part of the charm of these undeniably cozy cabins is that they seamlessly blend homey comforts into nature. Hot showers, a kitchenette (with a retro mini fridge and two-burner stove) and a front door that locks are all perks that make this easier than tent camping and a step up from other glamping experiences. The queen-sized bed tucked along the picture window is something parents will especially appreciate because it means a good night sleep for everyone.

Cabin & Campfire Cooking

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When it comes to cooking, you’ve got a few options. Cook simple kid-approved meals using the provided pot and pan in the kitchen. Quesadillas, pasta and veggie stir fry are one-pan meals that are hard to beat. Or try some of Getaway’s chef-created suggestions. If campfire cooking is more your style, you’ll find a fire pit right outside your door (and a gas stove if burn bans are in effect). Heading into town is another option—check the local guides for suggestions near Mount Adams or Mount Vernon.

Tips to Getaway with Kids


Getaway cabins are designed like the best RVs and boats around—everything has its place, and there’s not too much room for extras. You won’t find space for things like a pack-n-play or a high chair. Instead consider packing a travel bed and portable high chair if you need them. Remember to put other kid basics like diapers, wipes, sippy cups and favorite stuffies on your list. Many of the 4-person cabins have lofted queen beds, so keep that in mind if you’ve got tots in tow. Before you head out the door, check out Getaway’s other tips for traveling with kids.

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Good to Know:
1. Since traveling during COVID is a concern, it’s reassuring to know that Getaway is socially distanced by design. Families receive check-in (and other important) information via cell phone so person-to-person interactions are eliminated. You can see what other cleaning protocols and trainings are in place here.

2. Remember to download all necessary info (including the Outpost map) before you reach Getaway, as there’s no WiFi or cell service.

3. Getaway is a dog-friendly destination so your pandemic puppy is welcome on this trip.

4. Getaway has partnered with One Tree Planted to help support reforestation. Every time a Getaway is booked, a new tree is planted.

Getaway Skagit Valley
Mount Vernon, WA
Cost: Starting at $119/night
Book online:


—Allison Sutcliffe

Editor’s note: This trip was paid for by Getaway, but all opinions expressed here belong to the writer.


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