Tickle your tot’s funny bone with silly jokes Seattle kids (and parents) will totally get

Need a little levity in your life? These Seattle jokes for kids are a great way to kick your day off in the right direction. Scroll down for silly jokes, corny jokes, and quite a few rain jokes. Share them with your little ones to get the laughs rolling!

Kate Loweth

1. Can a kid jump higher than the Space Needle?

Of course! Because the Space Needle can’t jump.

2. What did the Giant Octopus under the Tacoma Narrows Bridge eat for lunch?

Fish and ships.

3. What do you call monkeys who live in Seattle?

Amazon Prime-ates.

4. What do you call three orcas in Elliott Bay?

A tripod.

5. Why is Santa thinking about moving to Seattle?

Because of all the rain, dear.

6. What do you call a week without rain in Seattle?


7. What did the geoduck say to the clam?

Can you dig it?

8. How do you make a SeaFair pirate angry?

Take away the “p.”

9. Heard any good jokes about the Cascades?

Yes, they are hill areas.

10. Why can’t Mt. Rainier and Mt. Baker play hide and seek?

Because they like to peak.

11. What did the kids say when the ferry finally pulled into the dock?

It’s a boat time.

12. What do Seattle kids have to watch out for?

Pier pressure.

13. In what state does the Columbia River flow?


14. What did Coach Carroll say to Russell Wilson when he dropped some change?

Hey, I want my quarter back.

15. What is the sea otter’s favorite Adele song?

Hello, from the Otter Side

16. What did the detective say when she got to Pike Street Market?

Something's fishy here.

17. What did the gum say to the gum wall?

I’m stuck on you.

18. Why is Seattle like L.A.?

You can seastars here, too.

19. What language do the I-90 and 520 bridges speak?


20. Why does Mount St. Helens play so many video games?

Because it’s not very active.

Seattle Municipal archives

21. Why did the leprechaun want to move to Washington?

Because it’s the evergreen state.

22. Where’s a leprechaun’s favorite place to jog?

Green Lake.

23. Why is Kyle Seager like a spider?

He catches flies.

24. What did Bugs Bunny say when the ferry pulled in at Fauntleroy?

What's up dock?

25. Ouch! I banged my head on 99…

…Mom said I would’ve been okay if viaduct.*

(*we miss you, 99 viaduct!)

26. How do aliens get vaccinated?

With a Space Needle. (Orion, age 10)

27. When do you need an umbrella for hiking?

When you're climbing Mt. Rain-ier. (Orion, age 10)



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