It’s the fear many parents face every evening. You know that moment when you realize, despite all best intentions, you have no earthly idea what you will make for dinner. And right then is when the kiddos start in with their questions: “What’s for dinner?”, “Do we have to eat that again?” Before you open that blue box with the powdered cheese for the fourth night in a row, check out the delicious and delightful food blogs of these Seattle moms who face the same daily battles and questions from their own kiddos.

Alice Choi

Up until a short time ago Alice Choi was the Seattle based blogger behind Hip Foodie Mom. But a change in jobs has taken her family from Seattle to the cooler climes of Madison, Wisconsin. “I miss the library and all the fun events they would have in Seattle for kids. The library here is really small. I also miss cool events in Seattle that I could go to with my kids, like free pie and coloring on Mondays at High 5 Pie, which I found out about through Red Tricycle!”

Alice’s blog is full of advice for parents trying to get their children to eat a well-balanced diet. Alice says it’s important for parents to shape the way their children eat, and start it young. She advocates teaching by example, and while she and her family do eat the occasional cookie and brownie most of the time snacks revolve around raw veggies, fruit and nuts. Alice says keep kiddos engaged with mealtimes by making them fun, “Try to change it up as much as possible and introduce new foods. We have a rule in our house that the kids have to try new foods and take at least 4-5 bites. Introducing your kids to new foods will also help you not get stuck in the same old macaroni and cheese or fish sticks rut.”

Want something quick and easy with vegetables? Alice says to try this, Vegetable Lo Mein.

Find it:

Do you have a Seattle food blogger you love? Share your favorites in the comments below.

–Natalia Dotto

Photographs courtesy of Ashley Rodriguez, Kyle Johnson, Lena Hyde, Alice Currah, Alice Choi & Paola Thomas

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