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There’s just nothing cuter than a baby squealing with delight from the middle of a ball pit. Except, maybe a 2 year old zooming down a zip-line with an ear-to-ear grin. Or, a five year old finally mastering a trapeze skill with a proud “I did that all by myself” look of wonder.

My Gym offers movement classes for all ages, from six week old babies (Little Bundles) all the way up to 13 year olds (Cardio Kids). Kids gradually master important physical skills such as balance and coordination, while also learning how to follow instructions, work as a group, and take turns. The best part, is that they are having a blast while they are learning all of these important life skills. It’s almost like successfully sneaking vegetables into their favorite grilled cheese sandwich! Programs are tailored specifically to each age group by child development specialists, fitness experts, and doctors…or as they call it, the “dream team”.

My Gym makes birthday parties a breeze for parents.  Teachers lead your crowd of little party-goers in games, songs,dances, and activities and will incorporate your child’s preferred songs.

My Gym Bellevue
900 160th Ave NE #1 (One block east of Crossroads Shopping Center Off NE 8th St)
Bellevue, WA 98008 425.451.1393

P.S. Mention RT and save $25 on membership or a birthday party.