Your kids have found shapes, colors and textures in the house and around the yard, and they spotted all the bears lurking in windows weeks ago. Sounds like it’s time to infuse new scavenger hunt ideas into your daily neighborhood stroll. Challenge the fam to find these Emerald City exclusives. How many can you spy?

A mountain

Allison Sutcliffe

There’s a reason “live like the mountain is out” is our unofficial motto. Our mountains inspire. See if your kids can spot one of Washington’s snowy peaks or ranges on a sunny day.

A mural

Taylor Vick via unsplash

Find hidden-in-plain-sight art nearby when you track down mural art. Whether it’s the album covers at Easy Street, colorful scenes drawn on boarded-up businesses or creatively painted signal boxes on a nearby street corner, these colorful paintings add character and charm to Seattle’s neighborhoods.

A ferry

Debannja via pixabay

When you live in a waterfront city, ferries are part of everyday life. Can your little voyager spot the MV Kittitas, MV Chelan or MV Sealth making the crossing? Can’t find a ferry? Look for a boat instead.

A coffee shop

Tyler Nix via unsplash

They’re kind of a thing here. How many do you spy in your neighborhood?

The Space Needle

Michael Discenza via unsplash

Easy to recognize, hard to miss, walk to a high point and see if you can spot the Space Needle. Extra points if you see the Wheedle’s flashing nose.

A free little library

Randy7 via pixabay

These creative boxes come in all shapes and sizes, and are scattered in neighborhoods throughout Seattle. Finding one is half the fun. The other half is grabbing a new bedtime book to read tonight.

A goldfinch

Bryan Hanson via unsplash

The American goldfinch is Washington state’s very own. Look up to find this bright yellow feathered friend flitting around your neighborhood.

Something Seahawks

Philip Robertson via flickr

Challenge your tiny 12s to find some serious Seahawks love on your walk. Maybe a bumper sticker on a car? Or a blue and green flag flying in the wind? Yep, the number 12 totally counts. Show your spirit!


RitaE via pixabay

You don't have to live near the Arboretum to find these beauties blooming right now in bright purple, pink and red. Can your kids spot Washington's official state flower?

Rainworks art

Art that only appears when it's wet? Sounds totally Seattle to us. Check the current Rainworks art installation map and bring a water bottle to help your kids find these magic masterpieces.

The Sound

courtesy of Allison Rasmussen

We’ve got water everywhere. See if your cutie can spy Elliot Bay, Lake Union or Lake Washington on your walk.

Western hemlock

Luca Bravo via unsplash

Washington’s state tree should be easy to find wherever you roam in the Evergreen State. Keep your eyes peeled for this spruce in a neighbor’s yard, in a park or on a hillside.

Pacific Tower

Pacific Medical Centers-Beacon Hill via yelp

It has almost as many names as it does stories about what goes on there. No matter what you call it (the Amazon building, the PacMed building, the brown building), Pacific Tower is an easy-to-spot Seattle sight. It’s the art deco building that stands out on I-5.

A bridge

Benjamin Massell via unsplash

We’ve got a few, so be on the lookout for bridges taking travelers over Lake Washington or Lake Union, or even helping hikers cross a muddy forest path.

An apple

Lumix2004 via pixabay

You may not spy Washington’s official state fruit on trees just yet, but you can probably find some apple blossom blooms on your walk.

A quarter

Miguel Á. via pexels

Washington state gets its name from the country’s first president, George. See if your kids can find him on a quarter they happen to spot on the sidewalk or in your wallet.

A P-Patch garden

Seattle Parks via flickr

If a city P-Patch isn’t on your usual walking route, try a fun detour to a garden nearby.

—Allison Sutcliffe


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featured photo: via pexels

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