It’s hard not to take pride in our city and even harder not to love being a parent here. The weather is never too cold or too hot and we get to take impromptu snow days when Mother Nature decides to “dump” a couple inches on us. We’re home to the best summers, green grass year-round (see, all that rain pays off!), and enough family activities to guarantee we’re never bored. In the spirit of being thankful, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on what else makes our city the best place to live for both kids and parents.

photo: Allison Rasmussen

1. We can always find plenty of convenient drive-thru coffee stands to nurse our sleep deprived morning hangovers.

2. It’s easy to take five and enjoy an adult beverage sans babysitter at the many kid-friendly wineries, breweries and tasting rooms.

3. With oodles of indoor play spaces to choose from, we never have to sing the rainy day blues.

4. An island getaway is only a ferry ride away. And so is a daycation!

5. We can find an awesome park on nearly every street corner.

photo: Allison Rasmussen

6. We’re just ‘bout that action boss and home to the Super Bowl Champions. Being the 12th man never felt so good!

7. We don’t fear wasting money on our kids’ hard to predict appetites thanks to restaurants that offer free kid’s meals.

8. We can shop ‘til we drop at a plethora of locally owned boutiques and gift shops.

9. We have the best of all things outdoors and with a quick drive can easily hike in the mountains, play at the beach, or boat on the lake. Becoming one with nature is a cake walk.

10Speaking of cake, when your sweet tooth comes a callin’, there’s no shortage of places to get cupcakes, cookies or candy.

photo: Dahlia Bakery

11. Fresh food is at our fingertips with year-round farmer’s markets, including the iconic Pike Place Market.

12. We’re proud to be one of the fittest cities in America and know how to get our workout on.

13. We have some of the best views hands down. A city with views? Yes please!

14. We can (and do) engulf ourselves and our mini-mes in culture. Between the Seattle Symphony, the Pacific Northwest Ballet, the Seattle Children’s Theater, and museums, we’ve got the arts covered.

15. We’ve mastered the art of walking and doing it with strollers, toddlers, and diaper bags in tow.

photo: Allison Rasmussen

16. We get to play tourist for the day without ever boarding a plane.

17. We get the best of all four seasons. Spring blossoms, summer sunshine, fall leaves, and even winter snow.

18. We aren’t alone on this crazy journey we call parenthood. A pal and confidant can be found at any one of the ah-mazing mom’s groups around town.

19. Our hip indie artist music scene. It’s no coincidence that many musical greats originated here like Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Jimi Hendrix.

20. We can dress our mini-mes to the nines without breaking the bank thanks to some totally awesome consignment shops.

photo: My Three Little Birds

Why are you thankful to be a Seattle parent? Share your thoughts with us in the Comments below.

—Allison Rasmussen

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