Skip to the Loo: Seattle’s 8 Most Family-Friendly Restrooms

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Any parent will tell you that Freud was definitely onto something. Because there comes a time when it’s all about the potty for the Littles. Which kind of makes it all about the potty for you, too. And finding those family-friendly bathrooms when you’re out and about is nothing short of challenging. So we’ve snapped some pics of family-friendly potties that will put a smile on your face, and have your wee ones rushing to well, wee. From the lavish lounge for nursing moms to the family bathroom that could fit the entire Brady Bunch, we’ve got your back(side) covered! Click away!

South Side Haven

More of a VIP rock star lounge than a bathroom, the family restroom at Westfield Southcenter Mall provides plenty of space and even entertainment for families lookin’ to go. Spacious changing tables with trash bins in arm’s reach, private nursing stations with comfy chairs, both big and little potties with matching sinks in a lockable bathroom. Parents call that the “tears of joy” bathroom amenities list. But the wall puzzles, lounge chairs and family-friendly programming on the TV put this bathroom over the edge. Even the draw of the children’s play area (just right outside) might not be enough to pull the little ones away from this potty paradise! Westfield Southcenter Mall 2800 Southcenter Mall Seattle, Wa 98188 Find it: Near the children's play area (by Starbucks & Crazy 8)fuck

A special “thank you” to our awesome Red Tricycle Facebook friends for their amazing suggestions on this one!

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–Allison Sutcliffe

Photo thanks to: Seattle Children’s Museum