You’ve heard the warning about having too many cooks in the kitchen, but at Tukwila’s new food hall, it’s a good thing. Spice Bridge features eight different women-owned food vendors with different cuisines to share. Not only is it a great place for tasty food, but consider it a cultural hot spot for you and your crew as well. Read on for the delish dish on this true melting pot!

Meet the Chefs

Spice Bridge Owners

Operated by the nonprofit organization Global to Local, the Spice Bridge food court helps aspiring entrepreneurs launch and build food businesses one delicious dish at a time. Since there are just four stalls, they rotate offering a new dining experience Tuesdays through Sundays. And when these chefs aren't busy cooking for you, they're busy providing no-cost meals for seniors and families in need. Ready to take the kids but not sure what to try? We asked Global to Local's Program Director to share her top kid-friendly picks for each spot.

Who's cooking: From top left to bottom right, meet Nasrin Noori of Jazze's, Theary Ngeth of Theary Cambodian Foods, Adama Jammeh & Oumie Sallah of Afella Jollof Catering, Monica Di Bartolomeo of Seatango, Liyu Wirdaw of WUHA, Mwana Moyo & Batulo Nuh of Moyo Kitchen, Krizia Cherece of Wengay's Kitchen and Caroline Musitu of Taste of Congo.

Taste of Congo

Want to try something you have never tasted before? You've gotta try Taste of Congo, the only Congolese food business in Washington! The beef stew is seasoned with garlic, nutmeg and onion and stewed with tomatoes, carrots and golden potatoes. The grilled mackeral is big enough for two and with enough seasoning to go around too. Also popular is the chicken mayo and fried plantains. You'll recognize the garlic and paprika used to flavor it, but consider the rest of the spice mix the chef’s best kept secret.

Kid-approved dishes: We think your kids will love the yellow rice and beef stew.

Operating: Tue., Sat. & Sun.
Online: tasteofcongo

Afella Jollof Catering

Stop by Afella Jollof Catering for authentic Gambian/Senegalese cuisine. Nosh on popular choices like the Veggie Samosa, which is not only tasty, but easy on the wallet. It's seasoned with the chef’s special marinade and the veggies are stuffed into flaky pastry dough. Heartier appetites will appreciate the Chicken Kebab Combo that includes jollof rice and veggie samosa or a beef pastell.

Kid-approved dishes: Stick with simple and familiar when you order chicken kebabs and samosa for the kids.

Operating: Tue.-Thurs.
Online: afellajollof



Hailing from Argentina, Seatango offers a variety of artisan empandas and sweet pastries made from scratch. Here you’ll find facturas and alfajores alongside special coffees and teas.

Kid-approved dishes: While the sweet treats are a gimme, pair them with a savory empanda for the kids.

Operating: Wed.-Fri.

Moyo Kitchen

Moyo Kitchen

This unique restaurant offers a fusion of Somali, Kenyan and Tanzanian dishes all inspired by Zanzibar, the world’s spice capital. It's a place where you'll find flavorful (and familiar) faves like Tandoori Chicken and Sambusa, alongside new-to-you taste sensations like Samaki Wa Kupaka (salmon or golden pompano floating in a coconut sauce) and Sukuma (kale stew served with cornbread). Most of the dishes are served with pilau rice or chapatti for you to enjoy.

Kid-approved dishes: It's stuffed sambusa and pilau rice for the win.

Operating: Fri.-Sun.
Online: moyokitchen

Wengay’s Kitchen

Wengay's Kitchen

Enjoy authenic Filipino food that is not only cooked with love, but also prepared with traditional ingredients when you visit Wengay's Kitchen. If you're looking for a special dish, try the Lumpia and Lumpiang Sariwa, eggrolls that are either fried or wrapped in a crepe. The Pancit Bihon noodle and veggie stir fry is an easy meatless option, and the Bicol Express, that features creamy chicken cooked in thick coconut milk, is a satisfying option if you're not going veg.

Kid-approved dishes: Order lumpia or pancit bihon for your cuties when you visit.

Operating: Tue., Wed. & Sun.

Theary Cambodian Foods

Theary Cambodian Foods

Serving healthy, authentic Cambodian/Khmer cuisine, this food booth has lots of must-trys. The beef back ribs and veggies over rice found in the Soup Go Me Ga Tunk are a fall comfort food fave, while the Me Ga Tunk, sauteed meat and eggs mixed with seasoned vegetables, and the Cambodian Ka Ry Stew, with its specially spiced beef back ribs really stick to your insides. Are you hungry yet?

Kid-approved dishes: Nothing pairs better with a chilly fall day and your kiddo than Soup Go Me Ga Tunk.

Operating: Thurs.-Sat.



WUHA offers fast food Ethiopian style! The food options here include both authentic Ethiopian dishes and as well as American foods cooked with Ethiopian spices, serving as a gateway to more traditional dishes. Enjoy the Black Lentil Veggie Sandwich served with oven-roasted potatoes, Beef Roast Sandwiches and Injera Rolls available in beef, vegetarian and wheat-free options.

Kid-approved dishes: Injera rolls are always a hit with kids, as is eating with their fingers!

Operating: Tue., Wed. & Sun.



Chef Nasrin Noori cooks up Afghan food made from organic, locally grown ingredients. If you're looking for some stand-outs, we suggest the Boulanee, a pastry filled with potatoes, leeks, pumpkins or carrots served up crisp with a side of yogurt for dipping. The signature fusion Pulled Lamb Sliders are an easy pick and the oven roasted chicken in the Pilau-E-Murgh pairs nicely with an Afghan mixed salad.

Kid-approved dishes: Because it's hard to go wrong with fresh-made savory pastries, Boulanee is sure to be a hit with your kiddos.

Operating: Thurs.-Sat.

Good to know:
1. Entrée prices range from $8-16, so you can feed the whole fam.

2. Currently, Spice Bridge is only offering takeout meals due to the COVID-19 safety measures. Families can find outdoor dining seating options and a grassy area nearby if the weather is nice.

3. Free parking is available between Spice Bridge and the Tukwila Library.

4. While you’re there, take time to explore. The grounds are dotted with interesting sculptures and a giant globe fountain too.

5. While it’s too late in the season to enjoy it this year, this unique food court sits next to the Tukwila Village Farmers Market, open every Wednesday from 4-7 p.m. from mid-June through mid-October. This is a great place for families too, as special activities for kids are often featured.

Spice Bridge
Tukwila Village
14200 Tukwila International Blvd., Ste. 141
Tukwila, WA

Hours: Tue.-Sat., 11 a.m.-8 p.m.; Sun., 10 a.m.-3 p.m. (closed on Mon.)

—Jeffrey Totey (all photos courtesy Denise Miller for Global to Local)


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