Looking for a truly different date night idea, parents? You can’t lose with Teatro ZinZanni’s new show, Coming Home

Love. Dinner. Chaos. Although this might seem like the tagline for your family’s meals, it’s actually what Teatro ZinZanni serves up nightly at their recently opened show, Coming Home. That’s right, Seattle’s original dinner-and-a-show production has returned to the Emerald City for the first time since 2019, and we’re here to tell you, this show is worth booking a babysitter for. It combines circus arts and athletic feats with hilarious comedy, live music, and a four-course feast—all the date night elements anyone needs in one spot. If you’re thinking of going (and if you’re not, why aren’t you?), we’ve gathered all the important details, plus things we love about the show, in one spot to make it easy for you, parents.

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The Pre-Show

Parents, we know you’re often busy rushing from one place to the next, often with minutes to spare. But when you plan this date night, plan to get to SODO Park a little bit early—the pre-show festivities help set the stage and give you breathing room to settle in for the night. The doors open at 6 p.m. and the official pre-show starts at 7:15 p.m., but that doesn’t mean you can’t sit for a spell, craft cocktail in hand, at the Big Top Bar before then. So just what is the pre-show? A chance for you to find your seat, meet your wait staff, and get to know the characters of the evening (hint: they’ll also be getting to know you). It’s also a chance to snap some pics for the ‘gram because once the show begins no photography or filming is allowed.

Filling the Frame

The Show

Teatro ZinZanni is known for many things—the costumes, the pageantry, the over-the-top show that seamlessly mixes so many different forms of performance media together. And part of what makes Coming Home come together so easily is the storyline it follows. Inconspicuously compelling, it tells the story of each of the performers returning home after a long separation (relatable much?). In it, you’ll meet chefs who secretly yearn for each other, an inept custodian prone to mishaps, a yodeling dominatrix looking for love, sister singers reunited after years, and the endlessly entertaining Doily, whose wit is as impressive as her costume changes.

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Filling the Frame

As the story weaves together the tales of each character, performers are highlighted with a center-stage performance. It’s amazing how much showmanship can be created in such a small space. During the course of the evening you’ll be treated to siren serenades, mesmerizing hula-hoop feats, trapeze and Chinese pole aerial artistry, and a basketball act that would turn the Harlem Globetrotters green with envy.

All of these incredible performances are enhanced by a live band that may be in the background of the show, but is completely integral to its ethos. They provide the soundtrack to the evening and even have a few surprises in store.

There is an intermission during the three-hour performance that gives you just enough time to debrief the first half, hit the restroom, and settle in for the antics ahead.

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The Dinner

While all of this entertainment is happening around you, dinner is also being served. Each of the four courses, prepared by Herban Feast, seems to magically appear at your table while your eyes are fixed on the thrilling performances and hilarious interludes. Start with an appetizer, move on to soup, then choose from three different entrees (vegan available) before finishing the night off with a delicious dessert. It’s just the right amount of food at just the right pace. You can eat without missing a beat, and nothing ever feels rushed.

If you want to make the evening extra special, or simply sample more worthy eats from Herban Feast, you can add extras from the menu. An artisan charcuterie platter, cheese fondue, sweet potato and crab cakes, even a celebration bundt cake are available for an additional cost. The other thing to consider—festive cocktails, mocktails, and more.

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The Audience Participation

One element of this show that makes it terribly entertaining and wildly unpredictable is audience participation. And trust us, taking the “back of the classroom” approach to not getting called on doesn’t necessarily work here. But not to worry. The willingness of guests to be part of the show, and really lean in, is what makes it so engaging. Consider being chosen an opportunity to laugh at yourself and those around you; everyone is fair game, so be prepared. The result? A surprisingly, almost instantly intimate community where people who were once strangers feel like old friends, even if only for a few hours. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself patting strangers on the back for their hilarious bits (or getting kudos yourself) as you mill around during the show’s intermission. Who knows? Maybe you or your partner will get your 15 minutes when you go to see the show.

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The Kid-Friendly Factor

We know the big question on most parents’ minds—is the show kid-friendly? While there’s nothing specifically not kid-friendly about it, our suggestion is to leave the kids at home. Don’t get us wrong. The show is delightfully entertaining and moves at the pace of your kids’ favorite TikTok videos. But it’s also noticeably long. And staying engaged, still, and quiet for three hours is a tall order for most, if not all, kids. Content-wise, we’d give it a PG-13 rating. Most of the laughs and delicious innuendo will go over kids’ heads—although they may have more than a few questions on the car ride home. Bottom line, you know what’s best and appropriate for your kids.

Dates: Through Mar. 12, 2023
Cost: Tickets start at $109

Teatro ZinZanni
3200 1st Ave. S.
Online: zinzanni.com

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