Celebrate Shark Week with Crayola & Baby Shark

Crayola Baby Shark
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The whole family can get in on the fun of Shark Week. Baby Shark items from Crayola will help your little one celebrate Discovery Channel’s Shark Week at home in addition to National ‘s Geographic’s Shark Fest 2020. From a brand new Color Wonder Activity Pad  to the Baby Shark Art Set there is something for everyone.

Color Wonder Mess Free Baby Shark Activity Pad 

Crayola Baby Shark

Perfect for trips or on-the-go, these activity pads are a great size to throw in a bag. Color Wonder Inks only show up on specially formulated Color Wonder paper, not on skin, clothing, or furniture. This set retails for $4.99. 


Baby Shark Art Set

Crayola Baby Shark

Featuring 40 Crayons, 35 Pip Squeaks Markers, 15 Coloring Sheets, and 2 Baby Shark Sticker Sheets, kids can create unique artwork! The included Markers and Crayons are made with Ultra-Clean technology and wash from skin, washable clothing and furniture. This set retails for $19.99.


Baby Shark Color & Sticker Book

Crayola Baby Shark

Offers 32 Baby Shark Coloring Pages and 4 Sticker Sheets—which include over 50 stickers! Kids can create at home or on-the-go for less mess fun! This set retails for $4.99.


Color Wonder Mess Free Baby Shark Coloring Pages & Markers 

Crayola Baby Shark

This set contains 18 Baby Shark Coloring Pages and 5 Color Wonder Markers. Color Wonder Marker inks appear only on special Color Wonder Paper, not on skin, clothing or carpets! The folder-style packaging also works as reusable storage. This set retails for $7.99.

—Jennifer Swartvagher

All photos courtesy of Crayola


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