As parents, finding impactful ways to share our long and loving lists of life lessons can be a challenge. That’s why story-telling through movies, plays, books, and song is such a gift to us all. Finding those characters you and your kids can relate to, root for, and learn from, is a real special thing.

Well, there’s a new book on the shelves spreading a wonderful message that all parents and kids should know about called Loud Mouse.

Written and created by the sister-duo of Tony Award Winning Actress Idina Menzel and Cara Mentzel, an elementary school teacher and author, this beautifully illustrated picture book follows a little mouse named Dee as she finds her very big voice.

Having a “big voice” is what we’ve come to know and love about Idina already as the voice of Elsa in Frozen and Elphaba from Wicked.

Idina uses her voice here again to share this story of empowerment and stepping into confidence inspired by her journey as a little girl: feeling like you have something big and special to share with the world, but struggling to know how much space you should actually take up.

This personal story, mixed with Cara’s background in education, gifts us a poignant and entertaining read your kids can really learn from.


The Story

We meet a young song-bird Dee who sings her way through chores, homework, and activities, usually to just herself. When her teacher asks the class to share something new, Dee decides to share a song. What comes next is la la la la LOUD! and we get to follow along as Dee explores her bravery to embrace her talents and joy.

Loud Mouse is a fun reading experience for parents with children ages three to five, filled with beautifully illustrated pages and yep, even a song to sing! You and your kiddos can sing like a Loud Mouse yourselves with a companion single from Idina Menzel appropriately called “The Loud Mouse Song."

There’s always room on the bookshelf for a new book full of heart and humor. Enjoy the beauty and entertainment of Loud Mouse with your kids today!

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