You won’t believe the play space under the stairs

Who says you need a lot of space to have fun? Sometimes, the smallest areas can inspire the best (and biggest) memories. From closets-turned-playrooms to hidden reading nooks, these small play spaces make plenty of room for big imaginations.

Dining Room Play Space

Have you ever wondered what to do with that weird space where nothing seems to fit? This small play space from Katie Lane Interiors is the perfect way to use dead space in a home.

Under the Stairs

Lay Baby Lay

Not all under-the-stairs play spaces need to be sectioned off from the rest of the house—and this incredible, airy “playroom” from Joni of Lay Baby Lay shows that. Joni worked with RHBaby&Child to create this sweet and stylish spot in her family’s Georgia farmhouse, and needless to say, it works perfectly as a kids’ hangout area that’s integrated with the rest of the home.


Outdoor Reading Space

Mer Mag

Merrilee of Mer Mag knows a thing or two about DIY, so it’s no surprise that this sweet outdoor “book nook” is cute, functional and stylish. And, spoiler alert—it’s not nearly as hard to build as it seems!


Stairway Nook

Elena Del Bucchia Design

The fact that these stairs are pretty to look at doesn’t hurt, but still—Elena Del Bucchia created one seriously cool play nook for kids. The pops of color and oversized green lamp give a fun and playful feel, while the cushions on the floor and tucked away play kitchen make the space seem cozy and inviting.


Bonus Table

Most of us don't have a designated playroom. This is why sometimes all you need is a table or bench with storage and even a small table to carve out a space just for the kids. 

Surprise Safari

under the stairs small play space
Momma Society

This adorable playroom is just a creative use of space under the stairs. Momma Society designed a wild hideout for her son, complete with animal prints, shelves, a tiny desk, and a mini ball pit. If you like the ball pit, the step-by-step instructions are here.


(Super) Hidden Reading Nook

this hidden reading nook is the perfect small play space
Paul Dyer via Síol Studios

As far as hidden reading nooks go, this one takes the cake. Architecture and design firm Síol Studios added this space inside a hide-away closet in a San Francisco home. The space is perfect for homework, curling up with a book, or playing an epic game of hiding and seek.


Mini Man Cave

this mini man cave is a creative small play space
Kati Berti

Before the full-size man cave comes the mini man cave—and if we’re being honest here, the latter is much cuter. This adorable play area is a little nook under the stairs, built by Katie and her husband of Two Bertis blog. It comes with a little door, mailbox, window and even a house number. What makes it all the more appealing is the fact that mom and dad said it was surprisingly low-cost to create.


Lofty Play Space

Sunshine on the Inside

It doesn't get any better than an indoor “tree” house. Sunshine on the Inside added extra play space by building a lofted playhouse. A creative way to add extra storage to a room, it’s perfect for little kids with big imaginations. Inspired by Ana White’s clubhouse bed design, click here for a free plan.


Jenny Brandt

In Sweden, this magical play nook is a walk-in closet. Märta created the whimsical hideaway for her niece and friends (a sign on the door says all “småfolk” are welcome). Märta hand-made the cozy cloud cushions, and since the “grass” carpet squares were a bit scratchy, she placed them on the ceiling (and glow-in-the-dark stars on the floor) for a silly, upside-down world. Head over to Dos Family for an insider's tour.


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