Is the sun out today? Then you’ve got the power you need to make an eco-friendly oven just for melting marshmallows and chocolate! Ooey-gooey and super easy, this s’mores science project is also a great, yummy introduction to the power of solar energy. Read on for this delicious science experiment your kids will love.

smores-cc-Gerry Dincher-flickr

photo: Gerry Dincher via flickr

Note – cooking time depends on the temperature outdoors.

You Will Need:
A pizza box
Aluminum foil
Clear page protectors (or plastic wrap)
Clear tape
Black construction paper
Graham Crackers

1. Cut a flip in the lid of the pizza box, leaving about an inch border around the edge.

2. Cover the lid with aluminum foil (with the shiny part facing you). Line the bottom of the box with foil as well.

3. Glue the black construction paper over the foil on the bottom.

4. Inside the lid, use clear tape to seal the page protectors or plastic wrap over the opening. This will create a barrier so that the hot air can’t escape, creating a “greenhouse” effect and heating your make-shift oven.

5. Take your oven outside, and set up your graham crackers. Place a piece of chocolate on one side and a marshmallow on the other. Don’t stack!

6. Angle the foil flap to reflect directly into the box. Then wait for the melting to begin!

7. Once the chocolate has melted and the marshmallows look soft, bring the two pieces together and eat!

How the make-shift oven works: The reflective aluminum foil captures sunlight and projects it onto the black construction paper, which retains the heat. As the heat collects, it warms up the air inside the box, creating a nice hot box (aka the “greenhouse effect”) in the sealed oven. Results? A sweet treat for your scientist!

Have you tried this project before? Let us know your results!

— Christal Yuen



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