9 Fantastic Face Painters Add Color & Sparkle to Parties

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Face painters are a sure-fire hit at any kid’s party. These amazing artists really amp up the fun factor and add color and sparkle to every event. From life-like tigers and saber-toothed dinosaurs to princess masks and butterflies, we’ve found nine face painters who bring a virtual rainbow to your celebration––by gracing kiddos with a magical appearance. Scroll on to see some of their fantastic designs.

photo: MC

Face Painting by MC

Party guests will let out a roar in a painted tiger mask. Even more, MC paints magical fairy masks, butterflies and favorite superheroes. She can also help suggest a theme to paint. If you find you have little ones at your party, MC's experience with preschoolers will make the bash a breeze. MC can create 8-15 face paint designs per hour depending on the complexity of the design.

Cost: first hour $110, then $40 per 30 minutes.
Serving: North San Diego County
Online: facepaintingbymc.net

photo: Dragon Fly Boog Art

DragonFly Boog Art

Add party sparkle with a little kitty face, pretty tiger or dinosaur growl. Monica creates vibrant face art with lots of colors. She's great with kids, keeps her skills up to date and stays current with the latest party trends.

Cost: first hour $135; two hours $230
Online: dragonflyboogart.com

photo: Fun Lab Art

Fun Lab Art

Pool party time! If you invite the Fun Lab to your next poolside party, you can still make a splash with the guppy guests by using waterproof face paint! Littles can have a butterfly painted on their back or cute princess mask on their face. Even more, artist Karen Molina uses high-quality paint that makes beautiful color. Tell her your birthday party theme and she will create magic.

Cost: weekday, $75/hour (two-hour minimum); weekend, $90/hour (two-hour minimum); water-resistant paint, $40 more per hour
Serving: North County San Diego
Online: funlabart.com

Samantha Anderson

Samantha Anderson worked at the zoo, so you know she's ready to go with your party animals! Indeed, Samantha paints princess tiara's complete with jewels on top. Guests also request Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Spiderman masks and pretty flowers with sparkles. Plus, she is quick and efficient, a plus when working with the little ones. If she finishes early she opens up the face painting to the grown-ups too.

Cost: first hour $110; each half-hour after $45
Serving: San Diego County
Online: samanthaandersonartist.com

photo: Patricia Telles

Enjoy It Faces

Kiddos dig the horned dragon eyes and sparkling gold princess masks painted by Patricia. Even more, she uses only water-based cosmetic grade paint for vibrant color and safety. She takes classes to keep up with the latest fads in face painting––so you know her current designs will be a hit with young trendsetters.

Cost: $100 per hour
Serving: North San Diego County
Online: enjoyitfaces.com

Minchuk Face Painting

A patient artist who loves to paint butterflies dragons and anything rainbow color, Kristin teaches art classes in addition to doing face painting at parties. Her favorite part? Seeing the face of a happy child when she looks at her design in the mirror.

Cost: first hour $90; one-and-a-half hours $130
Serving: San Diego County
Online: myafterschoolart.com

Lucy Lopez

Spice up your half-pint's next party with Fun-4-Kids. Lucy paints the faces of little party guests and can add in games, balloons and more (for an extra cost). She's efficient and can paint 12-15 kiddos per hour.

Cost: first hour $130
Serving: San Diego County

photo: Enchanted Illusions Facebook Page

Enchanted Illusions

Parents rave about Erica's face paintings. Whether it's a pot of gold on the arm or a pretty flower face mask, Erica creates party excitement. She paints beautiful designs and she's quick too. Book her for your next event.

Cost: first hour $115; one-and-a-half hours $165
Serving: San Diego County
Online: enchantedillusionsbyericalee.com

photo: Magical Paintbrush by Judy

Magical Paintbrush by Judy

Magical Judy starts by asking, "Who do you want to be today?" For example, a princess, a tiger, or lion. Her face painting skills will get parents in line too. Her favorite part is when little party-goers faces light up. Even more, she responds quickly via Yelp and is great with little ones.

Cost: $90 per hour
Serving: San Diego
Online: magicalpaintbrush (via Yelp)

Is there a face painter you’re crazy about? Tell us in the comments below.

––Nikki Walsh


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