Make a New Year’s Resolution for World Peace

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A new year is upon us, and with it, a whole new slew of things to see and do. How about starting out 2015 teaching little ones about helping others? Kids for Peace is on a mission to help kids learn the importance of lending a helping hand. This global organization uses hands-on projects and experiences to help kids learn the value in creating peace, protecting the environment and celebrating each other’s different cultures. There are chapters all over the world and, several here in San Diego that are ready to welcome your little ones to the club.

kindnessmattersPhoto credit: Kids for Peace Facebook page

Interaction Leads to Peace
By encouraging kids to interact with one another, along with people from around the community and world, Kids for Peace strives to foster common bonds and companionship. The following programs help kids obtain a variety of cultural experiences.

Global Friends Program — The Global Friends program provides kids with the opportunity to learn all about different cultures while working to help disadvantaged youth in other countries. They participate in projects like building peace packs – which are hand-painted knapsacks filled with basic necessities that will be sent to children across the world – and fundraising money to help send beds to orphanages.

Community Builders — Kids visit seniors in need of companionship, help out with Veteran’s Day events, and help plant community gardens, among other things.

Artists in Action — Do you have a little Picasso in the making? The Artists in Action program might be perfect for them. The program gives kids the opportunity to use their artistic talents to create artwork for the community and contribute to live performances for entertainment.

Eco Kids — To encourage young leaders to take responsibility for the environment, Kids for Peace offers the Eco Kids program. The program gives allows kids to clean up their communities by cleaning up local beaches and parks, as well as finding creative ways to recycle. Kids typically pick a project and are encouraged to stick with it for a whole year.

keepcalmandbekindPhoto credit: Kids for Peace Facebook page

The Great Kindness Challenge
This past year Kids for Peace held their 7th annual global event known as The Great Kindness Challenge. This celebration is designed to show exactly how much you can change the world simply by being a good person. Kids – and adults, too! – are encouraged to spend an entire day committing as many acts of kindness as possible. They even provide a handy dandy list of possible acts as a starting off point, just in case your little one needs a helping hand. Suggestions include small things from smiling at 25 people to planting a tree and sweeping your neighbors sidewalk.

kidsforpeacePhoto credit: Kids for Peace Facebook page

Take the Tour
The Kids for Peace organization is a fantastic and fun way to help get your kid involved at an early age. It’s a great way to teach them the value of kindness while instilling them with a sense of positivity and hope for the world, and through this program they can carry with them a desire to do good and help others for the rest of their lives. It’s worth a look, we think!

There are currently ten different chapters in the San Diego area for your and your kiddo to choose from! If those don’t work for you, you can even start your own! For additional information on the program and contact information for the chapter nearest you, visit the Kids for Peace website.

How do you teach your kiddos about peace and kindness? 

— Ben Kerns

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