Meet the Red Tricycle San Diego Writers & Discover Their Picks for Fall Fun

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On the hunt for fall fun? Our Red Tricycle San Diego writers know where to find it. We asked the adventuresome editorial team to give you the scoop on their favorite thing to do with their family this time of year. From pumpkin patches (there’s one in particular everyone loves) to traditional San Diego activities, they’re all over it. Click through to meet our writers and discover their must-do’s.

Leah Singer

"Every fall, we embark on our annual visit to the Southern California’s famous pumpkin patch at<a target="_blank" href="; target="_blank"><b> Bates Nut Farm</b></a>. What I love most about Bates is the Big Mac pumpkins and gourds are actually grown in the fields on site. So while I love all the farm activities taking place, what I look forward to most when I go to Bates is taking pictures in the fields surrounded by giant pumpkins. Of course, we also picnic, visit the farm animals, enjoy a hayride, shop at general store, and marvel at all the pumpkin and squash varieties. Then we go home and decorate the house for Halloween. It’s the perfect autumn day for my family." Leah’s blog: <a target="_blank" href="; target="_blank"></a>fuck

What’s your family’s favorite fall activity (phew, say that five times fast!)?