Stack Your Food at This Family-Friendly Restaurant

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It seems like no matter what restaurant we go, our kiddos stick to the two basic “food groups” when ordering dinner: mac and cheese or pizza (with the occasional chicken strip thrown in for good measure). What if there’s a place that lets kids eat both for dinner, and order it exactly how they want it? This idea may sound like something out of a kid’s fantasy, but it actually happens at STACKED restaurant. This fun, family-friendly restaurant is all about letting you chose the food you want to eat. We’ve got your guide to having a fun night out at STACKED.


Menu Perusal and Ordering
The STACKED experience is all about getting exactly what you want, when you want it. This is why you are encouraged to order the way you want to eat. When you arrive at STACKED and seated in your booth or table, you’re given a tour of the menu, which is part of an iPad ordering system. You can take all the time you want perusing the online menu and deciding what to eat. Can’t decide which dish to order? You can customize and place as many items in your online order. Your dishes are only cooked fresh in the kitchen when you hit the “order” button on the iPad. Think of it as your personalized Amazon wish list, but for your dinner.

The best part about STACKED is you control what you order and what it includes. If you like mac and cheese, order a bowl and add fresh veggies or bacon. You’re not limited by one type of burger, salad or pizza. Instead, you create your own with the ingredients you want to eat. Everything you order is “stacked” on top of itself. That’s why their slogan is “food well built.”

The stacked philosophy also applies to their desserts. You stack your own milkshake with customized add-ins like peanut butter cups, cookies or marshmallows. Or try a black and white ice cream stack with a double chocolate cookie, chocolate chip cookie, vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream and white chocolate chips.

Good to Know: The most popular dish is the mac and cheese creations. Order that as the base and then stack on top of it meats, cheeses, veggies, and even an egg if you want!


Stacked for Kids
STACKED is a great restaurant for families because it allows the kiddos to really play a part in the dining experience. They can select the foods they want and order it right off the iPad. And really, what kid doesn’t want to customize their own dinner and order on an iPad?

If you have picky eaters, you don’t have to worry about ordering sauces on the side or the inevitable tantrum if a green veggie turns up on your little diner’s plate. They create their food (with mom and dad’s help, of course). And let’s face it: happy kids means a happy dining experience for parents!

Good to Know: If the kids are too young to stack, there is also a full kid’s menu that includes pizza, mini burgers, chicken, grilled cheese, pizza, and of course, mac and cheese.


Tips for a Happy Dining Experience

  • STACKED can get a bit crowded, especially on weekends. So if you plan to take the family out and want to avoid a long wait, make a reservation ahead of time.
  • If you don’t have a reservation, you can always walk around Fashion Valley mall to get the wiggles out before dinner.
  • If you have gluten sensitivities, you can still try the famous mac and cheese creations. STACKED has more than 159 gluten free ingredients, including pasta noodles!
  • There’s also a full bar for parents (and yes, you can customize your drinks too).

Fashion Valley Mall
7007 Friars Rd.
Suite 356
San Diego, CA 92108

Have you eaten at Stacked yet? What did you think of the experience?

— Leah R. Singer (photos too)

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