Where to Find the Perfect Gift for Your Budding Scientist

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If a lazy Sunday afternoon at your house often explodes into building volcanoes or breaking out the baking soda and vinegar to concoct a science experiment, chances are you good you have a budding scientist on your hands. Want to make the holidays extra special for your little one? Click through the slideshow for nine noteworthy San Diego shops to brighten your little inventor’s holidays.

The Idea Box Kids

Looking for simple, everyday science you can do with your kids that doesn’t involve complicated set up and isn’t limited to one experiment or kit? <a target="_blank" href="https://www.etsy.com/shop/theideaboxkids">The Idea Box Kids</a>, an online Etsy shop, offers creative learning fun for busy families. This innovative company, founded and run by a busy mom, sells boxes filled with wooden “coins” that give instructions for two simple, engaging activities that encourage families to play and think together.  The Science Box uses items that can be found around the house, and the activities  can easily be accomplished with little help from an adult. The Backyard Box offers fun and unique ways for kids to explore their outdoor environment and allows parents the opportunity to talk with little scientists about the how’s and why’s of what they are observing. These science activities allow kids to be learn in the most natural way, through play. On their Etsy site you will also find many other fun themed boxes such as Winter Holidays and Family Travel. Boxes also make great gifts for teachers! The kits are perfect for ages 3-10, and cost $17.99. Online: <a target="_blank" href="https://www.etsy.com/shop/theideaboxkids">etsy.com/shop/theideaboxkids</a&gt; <em>Photo: Idea Box Kids</em> fuck

Where do you like to shop for science-type gifts?

— Cherie Gough