July Product Review #1: Sokikom Fun Math Games

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If Math is not your kiddos’ strength and you need to practice adding, subtracting and counting this summer, we have something great to offer! Sokikom’s Fun Math Games is a fun-tastic learning tool for kids in grades 1-6. Sokikom’s online math games are already used in schools and are now available for parents who want to give their kids a fun way to keep the learning going at home during the summer! We are looking for three volunteer Red Tricycle Moms to try a 3-month trial premium account for Sokikom Math Games.

Sokikom combines nationally recognized education standards in mathematics (from the U.S. National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and Core State Standards) with social learning through collaboration and teamwork to deliver research-tested improvements in math skills and a love for numbers.  Click here to learn more about Sokikom.

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