Nobody is more easily entertained (or has a better sense of humor) than kids. Who better to appreciate these hysterical spaghetti tools? Check out our 9 favorite spaghetti innovations below.

1. Crank it out. Solve your mini me’s noodle twirling dilemma with a crank operated fork that makes spinning noodles a cinch. They’ll reel-y get a kick out of this helpful gadget and you’ll be happy they get a mouthful each time. Little engineers and tinkerers won’t be able to resist meal time.


2. Perfect Portions. You’ll love this book that doubles as a measuring tool. It helps you find the perfect portion size to feed your fam. Simply feed the noodles through the mouth so you know just how big of a handful to drop in the pot to feed your crew. Did we mention it’s rinsable?


3. Spin a Spoonful. If your kid is not quite ready for the above mentioned crank fork, we found something perfect for smaller tots. It’s motorized fork spinner that’s a no muss, no fuss tool that makes carbo-loading that much easier for your active eaters.

photo: Allison Sutcliffe

4. Serve up a rainbow. No matter what you top your spaghetti with, serving your little chef a bowl of dyed rainbow noodles guarantees he’ll gobble them up. Tablespoon has the dish on how to create this colorful, edible combo.


5. Dish it up. Ditch your traditional spaghetti serving spork for this adorably different one your kids will love. And don’t forget to give it the old 1-2 roar when you serve up a plateful of steaming hot noodles to your dino-loving kid.


6. Be Magic. Amaze your friends and more importantly your kids when you pull this “magic” trick out of the pot. To keep water from boiling over, simply place a wooden spoon across the top of the pot. Voila!

7. Don’t Strain Yourself. This sweet strainer attaches to the bowl so your daughter can help drain her fave noodles without risking life and limb. Little hands are totally in the clear on this one and you don’t have to overhaul your entire sink to use it, either (we know you have dishes “soaking”).


9. Store it Tight. Keep your noodle stash in sight of you little ones with a castle container like this one. Then when the craving hits, pop the top to boil a bowlful of pasta fit for royalty.

What’s your favorite spaghetti product or tip? Have you tried any of these? Tell us about them in a comment.

—Allison Sutcliffe

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