Take a break from gold and leprechauns this St. Patrick’s Day and check out this unique and viridescent Irish celebration from mom editors Megan and Ginger of Little Peanut. Flip through the slideshow to see all the decorations, healthy snacks and games the dynamic duo planned for this party that will make you green with envy.

A Healthy Irish Celebration

Start your little one's weekend with some celebrations and healthy snacks. Little Peanut's non-traditional St. Patrick's Day food spread totally compliments it's savvy and chic decor style.

Darling Yarn Wrapped Centerpieces

This uncomplicated centerpiece is made of bottles wrapped tightly in green yarn. For crafty fams, it's also a great project that little fingers can help out with.

Shamrock Streamers

Hanging shamrocks make a great backdrop during photo ops with the kids. With different shades of green, the decorations pop and the room much more vibrant.

Green Milk

Little Peanut grabbed these cute milk bottles and green clover straw from Shop Sweet Lulu, and made the milk green for some extra fun.

Shamrock Painting

Did you know bell peppers also the key to creating perfect shamrock fridge art? Simply cut off the end of a bell pepper, clean out the membranes and use the pepper to stamp a shamrock shape with paint onto paper.

Shamrock Peppers with Ranch Dressing

What a delicious way to get little ones to eat their greens. Thinly sliced bell peppers make it easier for kids to dip them into green ranch dressing.

Rainbow Art

Kids won't be able to keep their hands off this fruit loopy rainbow art. Simply have them form the rainbow arches with each color of the rainbow. Drawing faint pencil lines can help keep the lines round the way you want them. Use Cotton balls for the clouds and glue down all of the pieces.

Rainbow Fruit Stick

These rainbow fruit kabobs are such a delightful treat. Kids at the SLP party had fun naming the colors and fruits.

Pencil Stamp Shamrock

This project from No Little Peanut is elementary for a tot of any age. Kids can fine tune their motor skills by stamping in the lines or free-forming a shamrock!

Skittle Rainbow Sticks

Fill clear plastic candy tubes with a little colorful magic. These make beautiful party favors that'll have guests rattling happily long after they've left your party.

What’s your favorite part of this cool party? Tell us in the comments section below!

—Taylor Clifton & Christal Yuen

all photos by Jessica Peterson, courtesy of Little Peanut

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