When they’re not having fun finding pots of gold or searching for leprechauns, your little learners will love trying out some St. Patrick’s Day science activities! From rainbows to shamrocks, there is so much to learn from the icons surrounding St. Patrick’s Day. If you want more, check out our roundup of fun and easy science experiments for kids.

Make Leprechaun Slime

Learn about viscosity by making leprechaun slime complete with gold flakes!

Make a Leprechaun Trap

little boy who made a leprechaun trap
Amber Guetebier

This is one of our favorite St. Patrick's day activities for preschoolers. Bust out your STEM hats and plan how you are going to catch your very own leprechaun. Start with a shoebox and see where the imagination takes you! 

Create a Fizzing Rainbow

We love this colorful idea where you create your own fizzing rainbow. Be sure to put a paper towel underneath your creation. You can dry it in the sun and hang it in your window!

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Crystal Shamrocks

Little Bins for Little Hands

You can't celebrate St. Paddy's Day without a few shamrocks! This year, let science take the wheel and grow a few crystal shamrocks with a few easy steps from Little Bins for Little Hands. All you need is a few pipe cleaners and borax and you'll be on your way in no time.

Leprechaun Sand

Live Well Play Together

This messy but fun activity from Live Well Play Together lets kids see how baking soda and vinegar interact, in St. Patrick's Day style. With minimal supplies, this is a perfect afternoon activity that involves basic household supplies you probably have already.

Magic Leprechaun Rocks

Gift of Curiosity

These homemade leprechaun rocks from Gift of Curiosity are a perfect blend of educational and fun! The "magic" rocks are made from green-dyed baking soda and water that conceal a gold coin. You'll have the ultimate scavenger hunt when the kiddos "wash" this at the end!

Rainbow Density Experiment

123 Homeschool 4 Me

Let rainbows do the talking with this educational experiment from 123 Homeschool 4 Me. Your littles will learn all about density and liquids with this simple activity that involves household supplies you probably already have!

Skittles Rainbow Science Investigation

Taste the rainbow! This delicious St. Patrick’s Day activity for preschoolers from Fantastic Fun & Learning uses everyone’s favorite rainbow candy to explore the impact of water and how it can physically change an object. This is a great (and tasty) afternoon activity for young learners.

Walking Water

This festive-colored experiment is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. Let your kiddos learn the science behind “capillary action” and how it plays into the real world. Get more details from Walking Cartwright here.

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Homemade Spectroscope

Buggy & Buddy

When you craft your own spectroscope, you'll get to see all sorts of rainbows! This easy idea from Buggy & Buddy uses household supplies that come together in a jiffy, but provide hours of fun and learning.

Rainbow Shamrock Salt Painting

Rhythms of Play

Learn all about the shapes of shamrocks and how colors travel down salt in this colorful project from Rhythms of Play. Kids will exercise their fine motor skills and artistic prowess in this fun St. Patrick's Day science activity. 




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