Starbucks Has New Halloween Tumblers That Glow in the Dark

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If you’re a Starbucks fanatic, you probably know the company drops seasonal merch at locations nationwide—often without official fanfare. But thanks to social media, we know that the coffee giant has some really cool cup offerings this fall, including glow in the dark options!

In August the Internet started to buzz about a colorful cup drop to mark the changing of the seasons. Fans have found neon studded tumblers, pearlescent swirled tumblers and metallic pearl hot cups with a bit of luck and perseverance. Personally we’re fans of that dark green shimmery swirl!

But with Halloween just around the corner, the hunt is on for new glow in the dark cups. Eagle-eyed shoppers have found these popping up at their local ‘Bucks and it looks like they even come with stickers! Whether you’re looking for classic cobwebs or prefer a black cat cup, you’re in luck.

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Rumor has it the Halloween cups will officially drop next week, but it’s pretty clear you can find them at some locations now. Happy hunting!

—Sarah Shebek

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