Sweethearts Are Back for Valentine’s Day but There Are Some Changes

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Did you miss Sweethearts last year? The popular Valentine’s Day treat is officially making a comeback for 2020!

The New England Confectionery Company went out of business in 2018, ending production on NECCO Wafers and the original candy conversation hearts, Sweethearts. Luckily for fans, the recipe for the iconic Valentine’s Day treats was purchased by Spangler, the company behind Dum Dums. Unfortunately the company wasn’t able to get production of the candy started in time for Valentine’s Day in 2019, but this year fans are in luck.

While Sweethearts are back in stores for the holiday this year, there are a few strings attached. As CNBC reports, Spangler ran into a few speed bumps on the road to production again. Unfortunately, this means there will not be enough Sweethearts on the market to meet the demand of consumers.  Representatives for Spangler say that the best place to find Sweethearts will be nationwide drugstores like CVS and Walgreens.

Another challenge the company faced was getting the printing machines to work properly in order to give the conversation hearts their famous messages. The issues the company faced means there will be more blank hearts than usual this year.

On the upside, however, Spangler did locate and bring back the original recipe for the 118-year-old candy, which means the return of flavors like wintergreen and banana.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

All photos: Courtesy of Spangler



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