On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer, on Clickin’! These tech gifts will take care of all the button-loving loved ones on your list

All the best high-tech goodies and gear comes out during the holidays, and we’ve been waiting all year for this! Even if you don’t consider yourself particularly technically-inclined, these goodies are so much fun. You also don’t have to be an adult to want tech gear for the holidays. We made sure to keep the little ones in mind while we picked out these gifts, so don’t sleep on this scroll.

Tech gifts don’t need to be mindless, either. There are some things that are educational, encourage creativity, and actually make our days much easier. There are gifts for your favorite workout buff, home chef, new mama, and of course, the little ones. We left no stone unturned while we scoured the internet to find you the best ideas and inspiration. Toys, gadgets, and more are ready to be wrapped and put under the tree for your favorite techie. From the easy and convenient to the I-had-no-idea-how-fun-this-was, this round-up of the best tech gifts out there are sure to launch your season into high-gear.

Osmo Genius Starter Kit + Family Game Night

Osmo makes hands-on learning games in which players use objects in the real world to interact with the digital world shown on their iPad or Fire tablets! They'll be able to explore STEM games on their own or with the family through this Starter Kit!

Osmo Genius Starter Kit + Family Game Night ($83.40)—Buy Now

Osmo Super Studio Disney Princesses Bundle

Add to your Osmo system with this Disney Princess expansion pack! Your little one will learn to draw these character favorites and bring them to life.

Osmo Super Studio Disney Princesses Bundle ($34.80)—Buy Now

Tovala Smart Oven

Tovala is redefining meal delivery! How? With the Tovala oven. This baby is a 6-in-1 steam + air fry oven that's specially designed to create the meals Tovala delivers. Scan the QR code and you're off. Or, scan the barcode of your favorite groceries, pantry staples, and frozen foods, for quick delicious results. When you feel like cooking, keep it simple. Follow a few prep steps in the app, then press “cook” to a make a chef-perfected side dish, brunch, or lunch. When they say "smart oven", they mean it!

Tovala Smart Oven ($299.00)—Black Friday Promotion: $49 Tovala Smart Oven with a six week meal commitment (does not include shipping). Valid 11/17/22-11/28/22. Buy Now

Willow Pump

Willow Pumps are a specific category of tech that we absolutely couldn't leave out! These wearable pumps prevent nursing mamas from being chained—er, plugged into their pump. Leak-free pumping, even while you're moving around (because you can move around wearing them!), track your production and control your pump via the app, and only wash two parts!

15% Off with Code tinybeans15—Through 12/31/22

Willow 3.0 Pump & Container Bundle ($429.00)—Buy Now

Disassembled iPhone Art with Frame

For the iPhone fanatic in your life, this is such a fun (not to mention ultra-unique) gift! Display your old iPhone or pick one from the collection for a really cool art piece.

Disassembled iPhone Art with Frame ($99.00+)—Buy Now

Circuit Board Tree Ornament

Stuff their techie stockings with this oh-so-appropriate tree ornament!

Circuit Board Tree Ornament ($20.00)—Buy Now

Audio Shades

Forget earbuds; multitask with this pair of audio shades! Every charge lasts a full 6 hours, too, so they'll never miss a note.

Audio Shades ($19.99)—Buy Now

2-in-1 Smart Mug Warmer & Wireless Charger

Keep your devices and your mind charged with this wireless charger that also doubles as a warmer for the included mug!

2-in-1 Smart Mug Warmer & Wireless Charger ($49.99)—Buy Now

Aromatherapy Automatic Towel Warmer

Make every shower a spa experience with this aromatherapy towel warmer! In 10-15 minutes it heats three towels or two bath sheets with optional aromatherapy. We want one big enough to sit in, but this'll do for now.

Aromatherapy Automatic Towel Warmer ($199.95)—Buy Now

Rover Gx Remote Control Car with Live Streaming Camera

Get an up-close-and-personal experience with a live-streaming camera built into this RC car!

Rover Gx Remote Control Car with Live Streaming Camera ($39.99)—Buy Now

Arcade1Up The Simpsons Arcade with Riser, Custom Stool, & Tin Sign

Gamers everywhere will absolutely adore this vintage-inspired arcade, complete with riser, custom stool, and tin sign!

Arcade1Up The Simpsons Arcade ($299.99)—Buy Now

Water Bottle Bluetooth Speaker & Earbuds

We love a multitasking product (can you tell?), and this set includes water bottle speakers and earbuds so you can rock out while you work out!

Water Bottle Bluetooth Speaker & Earbuds ($34.99)—Buy Now

Kodak Step Instant Print Camera

Point, shoot, and print! Use the pop-up viewfinder and old-school shutter—no messy cables or expensive cartridges required.

Kodak Step Instant Print Camera ($64.99)—Buy Now

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