Wondering how to gift wrap a box like a pro? We’ve got answers

‘Tis the season for trying to figure out how to wrap a present or two! Despite how tempting it is to pop everything in a gift bag, there are plenty of hacks that will take your wrap job from drab to fab. So whether you run out of tape, or bows or need to know how to wrap a gift box (even the odd-shaped ones), we’ve got the best gift-wrapping hacks around. When you’re done, be sure to check out our favorite 3-ingredient appetizers that’ll save you even more time.

Wrap Diagonally

Freestocks via Unsplash

The DIY site Blosson has several different gift-wrapping hacks, including one that shows you how to wrap a present diagonally. Check it out here

Make a Candy Bow

how to wrap a gift box with candy bows
Happy Go Lucky

Paper and fabric bows are so last year. This year, make your package even sweeter by topping it with a candy bow inspired by Happy Go Lucky. Pick your family's favorite candy, then tie it to the front of the gift for a special treat.

Use Aluminum Foil Instead of Paper

Honestly Modern

Short on paper? Check out that stash of shiny packing material or that huge roll of aluminum foil gathering dust in the kitchen and dress up some gifts like Honestly Modern. The best part? Options like this mean you are reusing products you already have and creating less waste. 

Attach Fresh Greenery

how to wrap a gift box with greenery on top
DiEtte Hnderson via Unsplash

Instantly dress up any gift with a snip of pine or another festive frond. The recipient of your gift will love the fun fragrance, and the non-traditional topper is a nice break from a paper or fabric bow.

Use the Takashimaya Wrapping Method

Japanese department store Takashimaya is famous for its quick maneuvering when it comes to getting presents wrapped. If you're looking to bust out all your presents in one sitting then you'll want to watch this video which uses three pieces of tape and less than 30 seconds.

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Decorate with a Garland

how to wrap a gift box with a garland
La Mia Casa via Etsy

Whether you make your own or plan on using an old garland from your last birthday, finishing off a package with a strand of garland is always a good idea! The hack gives a homemade yet stylish look to your wrapped gifts in a cinch.

Mini TP Roll Package

using a TP roll is a genius gift wrapping hack
Allison Sutcliffe

Wrapping something tiny and can’t find an itty bitty box? Try using a TP roll by folding down one side, taping it, putting the gift inside, folding the opposite side in, and finally taping it closed. Finish it off with baker’s twine and a small bow, and you’ll have the ultimate budget-friendly package.

Vintage Mag Gift Wrap

how to gift wrap a box using old maps
Andrew Neel via Unsplash

If you’re looking for a unique way to wrap a gift box guaranteed to impress, try using a vintage map. It's perfect for wrapping almost anything because it's large, can be opened flat, and has natural seams that make it super easy to cut.

Foil & Plastic Wrap Boxes

how to gift wrap a box of cookies
Amanda Evanston via Aunt Peaches

Gift your sweet treats in style with this amazing idea from Aunt Peaches. Grab a waxed paper or aluminum foil box, craft paint, and twine to create a dazzling gift box. Fill the box with your favorite baked goods to put a smile on everyone’s face this season.

Cereal Boxes as Bags

Allison Sutcliffe

Don't worry if you run out of gift bags this season. If you have cereal boxes, you can make a fantastic DIY gift bag. Grab a cereal box, cut out the top or side (depending on the shape of your gift), and wrap it with your favorite holiday paper. Remember to leave the top open, punch holes, and thread yarn or ribbon to create the handles.

Sticky Note Gift Wrap

Gibbs Smith

Seriously, who doesn’t love sticky notes?! But, did you know you can actually use them to make unique and colorful gift wrap for boxes? Take a peek at the new book Stick It! to discover all the ways you can use these amazing little guys.

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Bag Clip For Finding Your Tape Edge

Allison Sutcliffe

Let’s face it, everyone’s lost the edge of their tape at some point. Keep your sanity intact by using a bag clip to hold your place, and you’ll never lose the tape edge again! A genius gift-wrapping hack if we've ever seen one. 

Grocery Bag Gift Wrap


Create your perfect brown paper packages on a budget with paper grocery bags. Cut the seams so that the bag lays flat, and you’ll have a lovely sheet of paper to wrap your best holiday finds. Bonus points if your grocery bag already has pre-printed winter scenes on it!

Wrap Buddies

Wrap Buddies

If you know you’ll be wrapping a lot of gifts this season, Wrap Buddies are a definite must-have. These gadgets clip onto the edge of your table to hold the paper down and also double as a tape dispenser!

Double-Sided Tape

gift wrapping hacks include using double-sided tape
Freestocks.org via Unsplash

Give your gifts that “wrapped at the mall” look by using double-sided tape where the wrapping paper overlaps. It’s so clean, your little ones will think you’re magic!

Tape Alternatives

Allison Sutcliffe

No clear tape, no problem. Try using your favorite festive stickers, photo mount tape, or glue dots to keep your packages perfectly wrapped.

Playing Card Gift Tags

How to gift wrap a box with fun gift tags
Family Chic

Making DIY gift tags is actually easier than you think. All you need are playing cards, construction paper, and a little bit of twine. Get the details for this hack and upcycle your playing cards over at Family Chic.

DIY Gift Bag

how to gift wrap a box using wrapping paper
Freestocks via Unsplash

There’s always that one gift that doesn’t fit any bag, box, or sack. No need to have a late-night breakdown! Here's how you'll gift wrap the box like a pro—by fashioning a perfectly-sized gift bag using the wrapping paper you already have with a little help from this video!

Potato Stamps

Housing A Forest

Say goodbye to boring, solid wrapping paper with this cool idea from Housing A Forest. Make your very own patterned paper with a potato stamp. Yes, you read that right! Grab a potato, a cookie cutter and paint to create a craft that gets your kiddos involved with the wrapping process. 

Color-Coded Gift Wrap

Juliana Malta via Unsplash

Cut down on the confusion with this ingenious trick. Try assigning each family member a color or wrapping paper pattern, and forget about all of the gift tags!

Glitter Ribbon

Allison Sutcliffe

You might never buy ribbon again after trying out this glittery hack. Stick some double-sided tape onto your wrapped gift, create a “T” shape or double parallel lines, roll the package in glitter, give it a quick tap, and voila, you’ve got a sparkly finish to your gift. 

The Candy Method

Jones Design Company

If you’ve got an oddly shaped gift that’s not too big, you can always try the candy method. This sweet method is all about taping the paper or tissue at the center of the package and tying the ribbon at both ends. For a more detailed tutorial visit Jones Design Company.






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