This New Book Teaches Kids How to Care for Our Environment & Each Other

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If you’re like us, taking care of your home is a daily struggle… so taking care of the environment, too, may sound like a huge feat—but it doesn’t have to be. We can do so many little things every day, like toting reusable shopping bags instead of answering “Paper” or “Plastic.” And it’s never too early: Young kids can easily learn what gets reused—helping with recycling items around your home is a great way to get them involved. 

Taking care of who is in our environment is just as important. We’ve found a joyful way to help kids grasp these values through an incredibly thoughtful and beautifully illustrated read, The Digger and the Duckling by Joseph Kuefler, a follow-up to his acclaimed picture book, The Digger and the Flower. When a tiny duckling waddles onto their construction site, Digger and his mighty crew are all annoyed, calling her a nuisance. The duckling isn’t bothered, though, and through understanding, patience and acceptance, Digger and his crew help take care of her and grow to love the duckling. They become an unlikely family and make their lives richer, all through having patience (something any young kid could use more of).

That’s just one of the reasons we love the new book, The Digger and the Duckling.

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The Story

Digger and the other big trucks love to build. But when a lost duckling waddles onto the jobsite, Digger and his friends learn to do more than just scoop and hoist and push... They learn to become a family. Especially for ages 4-8, this beautifully illustrated book is an excellent introduction to taking care of the environment and one another.

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This book is hot off the presses, so no reviews just yet—but here’s praise for the first of the series, The Digger and the Flower:

 “Kuefler imbues the text with the heart and soul of the best storytime fare… One couldn’t hope for a better tale of rebirth and regeneration”

Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“Kuefler’s simply written and beautifully illustrated tale has a powerful message about the importance of the environment…A wonderful, inspiring tale, perfect for read-alouds.”

—School Library Journal (starred review)

“The image of the clunky piece of construction equipment tenderly caring for the fragile plant gives the story charm, and so do its strong, simple images.”

Publishers Weekly


Looking for a fun activity as a follow-up to the story? Care for a plant together! From tiny succulents to flowy ferns, your little one can help make sure it gets the light and water it needs—maybe they can even read The Digger and the Duckling to their new plant friend!


Happy reading! (And don’t forget to shut the water off while you brush your teeth… )




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