Your Favorite ’90s Toys Could Be Super Valuable Today, According to The Toy Zone

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Are those Beanie Babies with the tag protectors just chilling in your parents’ basement? On your next trip home, you might want to pull them out and take a look. Nine different beloved Ty beanies have sold for at least $15,000 (!) today, according to a new study from TheToyZone.

Topping the list is Rainbow the Chameleon Beanie Baby from 1997, which sold for an eye-popping $50,000 on Ebay. Next up, two Valentine’s Day beanies: Valentina (with errors) from 1997 at $29,999 and Valentino from 1994 at $25,003. Pouch the Kangaroo from 1996 comes in at $19,000, the popular rare edition Princess Di Bear from 1997 at $18,950 and the Canadian Maple Bear from 1997 (with spelling errors) at $18,000. Three others come in at $15,000: Curly the Bear, Pattie the Platypus and Peanut the Royal Blue Elephant.

Beanies aren’t the only valuable toys from the ’90s. If you had a Nintendo 64, you probably had the classic, Goldeneye 007. A copy recently sold for $14,499 online! A mint Talkboy based off the film Home Alone 2 was worth $30 in the ’90s, but sells for up to $10,000 today. And if you lucked into an original American Girl doll, they’re worth some cash too. A 1991 Felicity was valued at $7,820.

TheToyZone used Mavin, an online price guide to determine how much money the toys sold for, collecting data in March 2021. Only toys sold individually, as opposed to in sets or multiples, were included and presumably they are all in mint condition. You can read the rest of the lengthy list on their website and start making a mental list of your childhood collection. You might luck into a small fortune!

—Sarah Shebek

Images courtesy of TheToyZone



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