As a parent, you’ve probably wished for any number of things to magically appear at the front door. Thankfully in this day and age, it’s not so unusual to get delivery service on the regular. What are some crazy and surprising things you can get right at home? Scroll down to see what we’ve found—these are the deliveries you’re going to want to add to your mom survival kit.

1. Asian Kitchen Package

Cort Furniture Rental

In the kitchen, you definitely need the right tool for the right job. If you’re looking to expand your culinary repertoire, but not ready to commit to the additional accouterments, just rent what you need! Turn your home into a true test kitchen with this Asian Kitchen Package, which includes a rice cooker, wok set, tea set, rice and noodle bowls, ceramic soup spoons, cooking chopsticks and even a bamboo spatula.

Cost: The longer the lease, the better the price. $135.00 for one month, $45.00/month for six.


2. Direct-to-Refrigerator Delivery

stevepb via Pixabay

Walmart is testing out in-fridge delivery. Yes, you read that correctly. Grocery delivery is no longer a novel idea, and Walmart Grocery will already load up your car when you order groceries online. But now the superstore is going those few feet further—right into your refrigerator! They’ve partnered with smart-lock provider August Home to allow one-time passcodes to enter your house if you’re not home and you can even watch the unpacking in real time via the app. Read more about it here.

Cost: Currently a pilot program, service charge not yet announced.


3. An Entire Team of Beauty Experts

kaboompics via Pixabay

Treat yourself! We know about subscription beauty boxes for mom, but did you know you can just go ahead and get the make-up artist, manicurist, or hair stylist delivered too? The Glam App also curates beauty trends for added inspiration. Services are located 22 cities across the U.S., with Augusta, Charleston, New Orleans, Orlando, and St. Louis all coming soon.

Cost: Competitive pricing, varies per service and location.


4. Your New Favorite Bottle of Vino

Skitterphoto via Pixabay

“Let there be wine,” says Winc. No truer words may have been spoken to a mom some days! Winc’s got you covered with a monthly delivery of four bottles. With over 100 styles to choose from, you can cherry pick your preferences of whites or reds. Or, just fill out a Palate Profile so Winc can take care of the rest, including delivery. Never run out of wine again!

Cost: Starts at around $60.00/month depending on individual bottle price


5. Massages on Demand

carloslandazuri via Pixabay

It’s hard to know when you’ll really need that massage (besides every day, right?). With Zeel, you can book a massage on demand in over 70 metropolitan areas around the country, even on holidays. So pass the childcare baton and relax right at home.

Cost: Varies per service and location.


6. A Taste of New York City

Al Case via Flickr

While it shuttered its famous doors after 80 years as a Midtown mainstay, Carnegie Deli can absolutely deliver. You don’t have to leave home for their famous cured and smoked meats or cheesecake and don’t forget to throw in a jar of pickles. This pastrami kit for four includes Carnegie’s specialty mustard and plenty o’ rye to go around.

Cost: Kit for 4, $89.00.


7. Clothes That You Can Return ... Any Time

Le Tote

You may have heard of clothing capsule services where you’re allowed to return what you don’t want to keep. With Le Tote, you can return everything … after you’ve worn it … for as long as you want! You can try out tailored trends without any long-term commitment (or impact on your New Year’s–inspired closet purge). The flat fee allows you to order as many totes as you want per month, and you can still purchase whatever you don’t want to return. Their blog has stylish stories, too.

Cost: Plans start at $59/month


8. Plant Rental

Cort Furniture Rental

Is that corner of the living room looking a little lackluster for that upcoming dinner party? Don’t have the greenest thumb? No worries, you can just rent a plant! Whether a succulent arrangement, a palm tree, or a living wall, there are options for whatever your style or occasion.

Cost: Prices vary per plant and lease term. Three months with a living wall is $23.00/month.


9. Amazon Home Services

fran 1 via Pixabay

Amazon’s suite of services makes many a mama’s life way easier. There’s everything you already know about, like Amazon Family for diapers and Amazon Fresh for grocery delivery. But did you know you can submit an in-home Service Request? Need furniture assembled? A faucet replaced? Pressure washing? Well, you can just Amazon all that, too. And be sure to check out All the Amazon Prime Features You Probably Didn’t Know About.

Cost: Varies per service.


10. Live Ladybugs

Insect Lore

Yes, you can get a Live Ladybug Land and ladybug larvae shipped to your house. These are the perfect pets for non-committal tots (you’re supposed to set them free after they’re fully grown). Just remember to share with your bug lovers how useful ladybugs are to the gardening world.

Cost: $24.95


11. Chicken Hatching Eggs

Woodley Wonderworks via Flickr

Now for a set of pets that you can keep! These hatchable eggs will turn into cute fluffy chicks for a short while before becoming chickens. We imagine your early riser will love getting up to collect breakfast eggs in the morning.

Cost: $48.80 for 10 Special Assorted Chicken Hatching Eggs


12. Clean Laundry

Rinse via Yelp

On-demand laundry with pick up and delivery? You bet. Rinse is available seven days a week with a three-day turnaround, plus, there's a 24-hour turnaround wash and fold service for a rush fee of $5. And, since it's accessible through a mobile app, Rinse is a dream come true for any mom or dad with a spill-prone young ’un. Currently available in Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

Cost: $1.75/lb of laundry.; $2.50 per shirt for drying cleaning. All pick-ups are free and standard delivery is $3.99.


13. New Socks

Foot Cardigan

If your dryer is anything like ours and eats socks on the regular, Foot Cardigan might be your saving grace. Their youth line, Whippersnappers, delivers two pairs of colorful, fun foot gear for your kids every month. And while we moms boast of knowing everything, even we’re pretty sure that missing sock is … better replaced than hunted down. 

Cost: $39/3 months or $11/month.

Online: footcardigan

14. Japanese Candy

Jordi Sanchez Teruel via Flickr

Japanese candy is so much more than “sweet.” They’re downright delicious and quirky, with from flavors like cherry blossom Kit-Kat and textures like fizzy soda gum. It's a piece of Japan delivered right to your door, minus the pricey airplane fee. Plus, Candy Japan sends their delightful treats twice a month instead of once!

Cost: $29/month


What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever had delivered? Share in the comments.

— Jennifer Massoni Pardini


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