These Photos Of Dads Welcoming Their Babies Into The World Will Touch Your Heart

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While the emotional photos of mothers in the birthing process holds a special place in our heart, these compelling photos of fathers welcoming their newborn into the world is equally incredible. These photos, compiled by the Huffington Post and International Association of Professional Birth Photographers, capture the honest role dads play, supporting their partners and welcoming their new addition. Scroll below to see some of our favorites.

“This mom told me: ‘Joe was my rock. Steadfast, calm and strong. He knew exactly how to support me without me telling him what to do. It’s like he was telepathic!’”



Photo: Emily Gerald Photography

“This dad was injured severely in an accident in Afghanistan just three months before the birth of their second baby. He wasn’t able to support his wife physically, but he found other ways to help and hold space.”


Photo: Vuefinder Photography

“This mother is in transition — that intense period of time just before pushing — without the use of epidural or pain medication. She had a doula present, but her husband was her true anchor.”


Photo: Bonnie Bee Photography and Events

“After a long labor by his wife’s side, this dad woke up from a quick nap at 2 a.m., scrubbed up with the midwife and eagerly delivered his beautiful baby boy!”


Photo: Jessica Mehu Photography

“This couple had really, really wanted a baby for several years. While I was waiting for the baby’s father to come out from the OR, his sister said, ‘I can hear him crying from here!’ One minute later, we saw him — covered in happy tears and holding his baby girl.”


Photo: Public Kiss Photography

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H/T: Huffington Post