Exploring your go-to trail this summer is a must, but your walking companions need more than the promise of packed snacks to keep their little legs moving. Make the adventure bigger and better by giving them a chance to scout the route for 35 things hanging out along the way. From exploring a hollow log to saying hello to fellow hikers, we’ve come up with a list that’s sure to entertain everyone along for the ride. Read on, print out and get moving!

1. Find moss growing on a rock.

2. Look for a bird’s nest.

3. Throw pebbles in the water to make a big splash.

4. Explore a hollowed out log.

photo: Guy Courtemanche via flickr

5. Collect three different leaves.

6. Poke a roly poly.

7. Point out a squirrel’s home.

8. Wade in a stream.

photo: vastateparkstaff via flickr

9. Chase a lizard.

10. Hear a bird chirp.

11. Admire a spider’s web.

12. Find three different types of flowers.

photo: Adam Jones via flickr

13. Look for a duck.

14. Follow a butterfly.

15. Pick up a Y-shaped stick.

16. Point out signs of the coming season.

photo: Phillipe Put via flickr

17. Look inside a hole in a tree.

18. Watch fish jump.

19. Pick up one piece of garbage to recycle or throw away.

20. Check out a spot with soil erosion.

photo: jankgo via flickr

21. Find a piece of tree bark.

22. Spot a waterfall.

23. Pick berries or fruit (be sure to ask Mom or Dad before picking).

24. Put tiny toes in mud.

photo: Travis Swan via flickr

25. Smell a pine tree.

26. Look for lightening bugs.

27. Spot a bird.

28. Find fungus on a tree.

photo: Frank Kovalchek via flickr

29. Point out a ladybug.

30. Say hello to fellow hikers.

31. Discover shoe tracks left in the mud.

32. Find a walking stick.

photo: Travis Swan via flickr

33. An awesome vista (don’t forget to snap a photo!).

34. Count how many trees you pass.

35. Stop at a fork in the road.

What do you look for when you hike with the kids? Share with us in a Comment!

— Gabby Cullen & Erin Lem

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